Work, Life Balance – My Story

two women making calculations

Today, I feel very lucky to be part of the bookkeeping industry. Looking back, I would say that I have had some great mentors throughout my career. When attending conferences or talking to the leaders in our industry, the importance of work / life balance has always been on the list of topics.

In no way at all am I saying that I have found this tight rope walk easy! Being honest with myself, I would say that I am a barely managed workaholic. I did have some wakeup calls over the years which helped me to manage myself.

My workaholic, business owner father died at 62 with liver cancer. We watched him build his dream retirement home in Dunsborough only to see him spend his ‘Doctors prescribed’ last few months in his beloved new home as a final wish. Some retirement! What happened once he left us? Well of course LOTS of people spoke well of him BUT the world went on and his business (Dayco Watchmakers – Trinity Arcade) went on without him.

The point that I am trying to make is that you can’t work night and day and expect that you will then neatly retire at some point and get all that you wanted in life at that time, you have to take what you can now, while you are massively busy and healthy, just in case…

Had you seen me watching Shark Tank (read Bully Tank) on the TV this week, you might have witnessed the calm and collected Cheryl YELLING at the TV just a little bit. A lovely young female business owner was standing up in front of those Entrepreneurs (Think ‘Judges’) and was basically pummelled by four out of five of those nasty people for doing just 30 hours per week work in her very profitable and mobile business. Why? Well, she might have said a few times to the ‘judges’ that her business was there to support her hobby (acting & travelling). That is why she built her business in the first place – to support her hobbies. Of course she seemed very proud that she had achieved what she set out to do and why wouldn’t she be!

I say GOOD ON YOU, You Go Girl! I would give her 95% for managing her work / life balance.  As long as your customers and staff are happy who cares what you get up to and how long it takes you!

I am a great believer of working SMART not hard!!! That to me means the less hours you do the better, especially if you are making good profit at the same time.

The comments that continued from the sharks went into more detail such as ‘As the CEO you should be doing at least 60-80hrs per week’. Whoops, seems like I have been doing this thing wrong all along. I wonder why I don’t feel like I have let anyone down. Actually I feel the opposite, I feel successful in my work life and in my home and family life.

  • I have been able to skip work to spend time with my children, husband and loved ones when they needed me.
  • I have made time to be active and get outside and stay healthy.
  • I have always put my health in front of my business.
  • I have sampled the world whenever the opportunity has shown itself.
  • I have managed to grow my business and support my family at the same time.
  • I have juggled it ALL and could say today that I have spread my time efficiently throughout my Work (smart) and Home (play) life.

Most of the people that enrol in our Certificate courses, come to us so that they can work from home and be with their families as much as possible, they are looking to have the elusive work, life balance.

What made me think of writing on this subject this month? Well Bully Tank of course (seriously though, I generally love that show) and also we have just finished renovating some of our spare rooms at our Balcatta office.  This means that anyone who has outgrown the kitchen bench / dinner table can rent a desk here with us, just pop in or ring us to find out more.

So, stay balanced and I will chat to you again next month.