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We offer MYOB classroom-based courses at our well-equipped training facility in Balcatta.

WiseClick will also come to you; we provide onsite, one on one training at your own business premises anywhere in the Perth Metro area.

Our affordable MYOB short courses are ideal for bookkeepers, small business owners and anyone who needs to improve their MYOB skills quickly. Learn from experienced, qualified bookkeepers who use MYOB every day!

Why MYOB training is important

MYOB is a great software for businesses of any size or for a business where they can see large growth in the future. MYOB offers all the normal things a business needs like sales, purchases, and bank reconciliation but it also offers high level areas like complex inventory, payroll management, and financial reports. Because MYOB has a mix of these areas training is very important as it will explain the WHY behind the buttons you’re clicking.

We offer a range of MYOB courses that start from getting started in MYOB all the way up to Inventory and Payroll. Learning the MYOB essentials helps to ensure you do it right the first time and avoid costly fixes at a later date.  

wiselick training course
wiselick training course

One-on-one MYOB software training

 If classroom training does not suit you, we can also arrange for a one-on-one MYOB training session with one of our expert trainers either at your office or ours!

A one-on-one training session may suit you if:

Your one-on-one MYOB training session can be for as little as one hour or as much as a full day, we are very flexible, allowing you to work at your own pace. Call our friendly Training Coordinator on (08) 9207 1088  to arrange a date, time, and place that suits you!

Our myob courses

We have a range of MYOB courses for all skill levels, as well as specialist courses in MYOB AccountRight, Payroll & Inventory Management.

Learn how to use MYOB accounting software and get it right first time.

This course will give you both accounting theory and MYOB practical bookkeeping knowledge.

Understand the accounting concepts behind what you do in your accounting software with our Accounting Fundamentals course.

MYOB payroll training covering both theory and practical.

Financials including Non Reporting entities

Chat with the team at Wise Click to learn more.

Benefits of MYOB Accounting Software

MYOB is a mix of cloud based and desktop base software, meaning you can work in the cloud over the internet but if your connection was to drop out, you could work on your desktop and push the data up to the cloud later. It’s the best of both worlds! MYOB also offers over 395 different reports, the reporting options in MYOB are huge with a report to suit every unique business need.

Every software has different buttons and functions, our course will show you how to enter data on MYOB and explain how it works in the background, so you know why your processing things that way. Processing then leads to accurate reports and that’s why training is so important, accurate entry leads to accurate reporting on financial records.

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Wiseclick Team

Why Choose Wise Click Training

WiseClick have been offering MYOB training and consulting in Perth for 15 Years and we are known as industry experts in all things MYOB!

We are a MYOB Professional Partner, and our MYOB trainers are also industry consultants.

For more information call our friendly team on (08) 9207 1088.

Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to learn MYOB?

For students who have never used MYOB software before, our Getting Started course will be the right MYOB course you need. You will also get access to a student version of MYOB software for you to practice with at home.

What is MYOB training?

The purpose of MYOB training is to familiarise students with the key terms and functions used within the MYOB software. The software isn’t difficult to learn however you will need to gain an understanding of the different features within the platform.

How much does it cost to learn MYOB?

At Wise Click Training, we have a range of MYOB courses starting from $415.00, we recommend reading through the course outlines to ensure you pick a course that suits your learning requirements. Feel free to contact our friendly team and we can assist you in choosing a suitable course.

What is the best way to learn MYOB?

All Wise Click Training MYOB courses utilise MYOB Student Edition software and are taught by registered BAS Agents. The best way to learn MYOB is from an expert with hands on, practical exercises.

How long does MYOB take to learn?

Depending on the area of MYOB you are aspiring to learn, we offer a range of different training courses. From introductory courses to subject-based inventory and payroll courses, Wise Click Training is your premier training destination for MYOB software in Perth.

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