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Excel & word training

Wise Click Training offers face to face friendly training in both Excel and Word 2010. Perfect for those in a small to medium-sized business or anyone wanting to improve their Word and Excel skills. Practical and hands-on you will be amazed at what you learn when shown all the features and short cuts in these powerful programs.

We offer MS Office Word and Excel training in a classroom setting at our training rooms in Balcatta. This type of training is much more effective than on-site as the participants are focused on the training and not distracted by the everyday working environment. Our word and excel courses cover the needs of administration, reception and bookkeeping type job roles, but really anyone looking to improve their skills will learn a lot!

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word Is one of the most used programs for the creation of business documents. Everything from a simple form to a complex 100-page proposal can be made using Microsoft Word. Almost every business that uses a computer will encounter a Word document at some point so knowing the software is important. Being trained by a qualified trainer will mean you have the understanding of functions and features, and your document creation will become more efficient.  

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Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is one of the most powerful programs you will encounter in business operations. Excel can do everything from a simple 1 plus 1 formula to complex look up functions and reporting functions. At a business level the knowledge commonly required sits somewhere in the middle of a simple formula and complex reporting. Understanding how Excel works means you will get the most out of this powerful software.

our Word and Excel Courses

Get the most out of your Word program. Don’t just space and enter everywhere!

Become confident in formatting and producing excel spreadsheets.

Half day – Practical and hands on Microsoft Excel 2010 training for beginners.

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Why Choose Wise Click Training

Our MS Office Trainers are experts in Excel and Word, they can show you how to make the most of these powerful applications.

Skills in Excel and Word are pre-requisites for most office jobs, make sure your skills are up to date!

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