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At WiseClick, we have been dealing with business owners and their staff for many years. Over that time we have gained an insight into what they need and how to help them and upskill them quickly. Have a question? It may be one of the common questions that we already have a written answer for, take a look through this business support section to see if you can get a quick answer. Can’t find it here? No problem, we can most likely help, take a look through our courses or book a tailored training session here.

Question & Answer

These are true FAQs. Common questions along with our answers for you.

Support Notes

Want to know how to do something tricky in your software? Check here for our step by step ‘How To’ notes with explanations and screenshots that will guide you along the way.

Policies and Procedures

Want to make your business or bookkeeping practice saleable? This comes down to communicating what you want your staff to do, and how you want them to act when you are not there. We are happy to share some of the more commonly used polices and procedures. These are documents that we provide to the course participants, business owners and staff that we train. Each document is in Word format so that it can be changed and customised to work perfectly for your business, plagiarise away! We’re here to help!

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All COIVD social distancing regulations and cleaning guidelines are being followed to ensure when you attend Wiseclick you’re safe. If you need help working out your training needs submit your contact details below or close this screen and browse our courses to book now. Remember use code BB2020 at checkout!