FNS40217 Certificate IV In Bookkeeping and Accounting – On Completion

I am so thankful I stumbled across Wiseclick and completed my training with them!


CIV Online Student Skye Woods – Completed July 2020

FNS40217 Certificate IV In Bookkeeping and Accounting – After Orientation Meeting

In this current state of unknowns and my inability to attend the induction on site the staff were very accommodating in holding the induction completely online. Apart from having an internet issue early on from my end I found the process to be informative, friendly and easy to follow.

CIV Online Student Tracy Sandercock – Currently Studying as at Mar 2020

FNS40217 Certificate IV In Bookkeeping and Accounting – WOR unit

Enjoyed searching the answers. Very good unit. Understood the difference between policies and procedures. Courses finish but learning never ends and best way to update is through CPE. Liked the New Client Information Sheet on what questions to ask to the new customer. Sample of Bookeeping Engagement letter (wiseclick one) was too the point and easy to understand. “Word from mouth” and “networking” play an important part in one’s career. Manual explains very nicely when your customer says “i need help in bookkeeping” Drill this statement down to the exact need what’s included and what not! Asking probing questions definitely makes a lot sense!

CIV Student Anurag Gangwar – Currently Studying as at Jan 2020

FNS40217 Certificate IV In Bookkeeping and Accounting

“I enrolled in certificate IV Bookkeeping & Accounting course to better my knowledge in a different challenging field. From day one the staff / lectures at WiseClick training have been very helpful in explaining any questions I had. English being my second language and beginner in this field was at times very challenging. Tarryn was very knowledgeable, comforting and easy to understand from day one & she made me feel like I had known her for many years. The course was well structured, course content up to date, well-paced even for beginners. I am so happy I choose WiseClick to do my training and will recommend to all friends.”

CIV Student Jasmina Kovaceska – Completed NOV 19

FNS40217 Certificate IV In Bookkeeping and Accounting

I am really glad I choose the classroom training option as I would have found it challenging otherwise. Tarryn delivered the majority of our training and she is awesome – nothing is too much trouble for her. The workload is substantial at times but support is always available. I would highly recommend Wiseclick Training to anyone considering a career in bookkeeping.

CIV Student Karen McGill – Completed SEPT 19

FNS40217 Certificate IV in Accounting and Bookkeeping

This is the first session I have done with Cheryl, I feel like she really delivered the course content well and I feel very informed going home to complete the assessment.

CIV Student Jenny Myles – Cloud Unit Course Day

EXCEL Course

I came into class with very limited knowledge of excel. Tarryn was amazing at presenting the unit in a very easy understandable way for me to learn. I’m leaving my day with confidence that I will easily work through my homework manual.

CIV Student Gail Rainbow – EXCEL Course Day

Word Course

Very good course on word documents. Felt like I wasted quite some good years of my time in doing things the hard way in the past when there was an easy way of doing things. Now after completing this unit my outlook towards any word document has changed completely. Never ever in my wildest dream would have imagined to set up a template with all the necessary fonts, headings, style which could save so much time and effort. I had really struggled in the past in formatting the word documents but NOT ANYMORE!
“Bring it on!”
Thoroughly enjoyed this unit!

CIV Student – Aug 19

Word Course

Good learning about various shortcut keys, table of contents, never though that headings could crate a table of contents, learned about navigation pane and how easily the structure of the document can be changed. Learned about page breaks and how each section can have it’s own header and footer and even the layout. Learned about Pilcrow how can this uncover any document setting was simply mind blowing! Learned about creating different page numbers in different section breaks. Also learned how to omit page numbers from cover page.
This course has changed the way I will look at any word document now onwards!

CIV Student – Aug 19

Completed FNS40217 Aug 2019

Tarryn is a wonderful trainer as she guided me when ever I needed more explanation on any aspect. She explains everything so well that anyone can understand. Cheryl and other trainers were also amazing. In Short, wiseclick training has made me a perfect bookkeeper giving me confidence that I can work anywhere.

Preeti – Classroom Student (Started 2018, completed 2019)

FNS40217 Certificate IV In Bookkeeping and Accounting – On Completion 
Woohoo, I have received an email advising I have now completed my Certificate 😊

Thank you to the whole Wiseclick Team for your unwavering support and guidance.


CIV Online Student Kerry Price – Completed June 2020

FNS40217 Certificate IV In Bookkeeping and Accounting

As an online student who did one unit in class, I felt you could really feel the difference in the learning curve – there is a lot more to be gained from being in the classroom, compared to trying to learn from home. I was a little concerned that as an online student, any mistakes in the manuals may impact the learning of those less confident to ask questions and use multiple sources to clarify. However, the trainers at Wiseclick clearly know their field and were always willing to go above and beyond to help their students – I am extremely appreciative of the time they spent with me over the phone/email, both during office hours and after hours as well. Further, their training of the updated syllabus clearly shows they understand the way of the future of bookkeeping, and equipped me with confidence to forge forward both as a Business Manager, and a bookkeeper.

CIV Student Kellysan Powers-Martin – Completed OCT 19

EXCEL Course

Enjoyed the Excel Course and felt it will really help me going forward in my job. Looking forward to putting it into practice at work.

CIV Student Clare Nolan – SEPT 19

FNS40217 Certificate IV In Bookkeeping and Accounting

Best training facility i have ever studied at, i would highly recommend. This course was great!

CIV Student Vicki Eindorf – Completed SEPT 19

EXCEL Course

This course teaches excel on everything I didn’t knew earlier. Absolute references was an eye opener kind of thing. First time in my life I was able to freeze panes. Never knew that work can be checked though various functions. Life will never be same with Excel again. I will now look at any excel sheet in a different way! Enjoyed this course. Sub-totaling was my favorite part!

CIV Student – Aug 19

Word Course

Word is not my favourite program, but I have learnt many new tips & tricks (even after using it for 20+ years.) Thanks for that, I appreciate it and am sure it will help me in the future.

CIV Student – Aug 19

Completed FNS40217 July 2019

Personally felt very informed and more aware on finishing the course, it filled lots of gaps I was unaware I was missing. My tutors and everyone on the course were very responsive and helpful regarding queries and has opened my mind to a whole new world of useful information to be had and how to apply them.

Sui Abbott Online Student (2018 completed 2019)

Certificate IV Student

Truly inspired at how well you present Tarryn. Enjoying the course so far

Jemma Gill (June 2019)

Hello Tarryn

Just wanted to express my sincere gratitude at all the support and assistance I received while enrolled in Cert 4 in Bookkeeing and Cert 4 in Accounting.

From our first meeting you have always had confidence in my ability to successfully complete this double certificate. Being a self paced student was difficult and lead to a very slow start. Actually completing this course was something I was very unsure of as time went on, but to actually complete and successfully was a major result for me.

As you can appreciate despite our best efforts life, work, family, health can sometimes interfere and in my case all of the above was true.

I really can not thank both Cheryl and yourself enough for the time and effort you put into assist me to achieve this amazing result.

I truly wish I had had the confidence to have approached you both earlier in the course to discus the course content I was struggling with. When I finally did you organised for me to join in a few classes which were such a huge assistance in my ability to understand the core concepts.

Before this turns into a huge novel, the short version is Thankyou both for your assistance and for being available even over the weekend and long weekends and christmas holidays to respond to my many emails.

Warmest regards

Linda Tischhauser (Jan 2019)