Reviews and Testimonials


FNS40217 Certificate IV In Bookkeeping and Accounting – WOR unit

Enjoyed searching the answers. Very good unit. Understood the difference between policies and procedures. Courses finish but learning never ends and best way to update is through CPE. Liked the New Client Information Sheet on what questions to ask to the new customer. Sample of Bookeeping Engagement letter (wiseclick one) was too the point and easy to understand. “Word from mouth” and “networking” play an important part in one’s career. Manual explains very nicely when your customer says “i need help in bookkeeping” Drill this statement down to the exact need what’s included and what not! Asking probing questions definitely makes a lot sense!


CIV Student Anurag Gangwar – Currently Studying as at Jan 2020


FNS40217 Certificate IV In Bookkeeping and Accounting

“I enrolled in certificate IV Bookkeeping & Accounting course to better my knowledge in a different challenging field. From day one the staff / lectures at WiseClick training have been very helpful in explaining any questions I had. English being my second language and beginner in this field was at times very challenging. Tarryn was very knowledgeable, comforting and easy to understand from day one & she made me feel like I had known her for many years. The course was well structured, course content up to date, well-paced even for beginners. I am so happy I choose WiseClick to do my training and will recommend to all friends.”


CIV Student Jasmina Kovaceska – Completed NOV 19


FNS40217 Certificate IV In Bookkeeping and Accounting

I am really glad I choose the classroom training option as I would have found it challenging otherwise.  Tarryn delivered the majority of our training and she is awesome – nothing is too much trouble for her.  The workload is substantial at times but support is always available.  I would highly recommend Wiseclick Training to anyone considering a career in bookkeeping.  

CIV Student Karen McGill – Completed SEPT 19


FNS40217 Certificate IV in Accounting and Bookkeeping

This is the first session I have done with Cheryl, I feel like she really delivered the course content well and I feel very informed going home to complete the assessment.

CIV Student Jenny Myles – Cloud Unit Course Day


EXCEL Course

I came into class with very limited knowledge of excel. Tarryn was amazing at presenting the unit in a very easy understandable way for me to learn. I’m leaving my day with confidence that I will easily work through my homework manual.

CIV Student Gail Rainbow – EXCEL Course Day


Word Course

Very good course on word documents. Felt like I wasted quite some good years of my time in doing things the hard way in the past when there was an easy way of doing things. Now after completing this unit my outlook towards any word document has changed completely. Never ever in my wildest dream would have imagined to set up a template with all the necessary fonts, headings, style which could save so much time and effort. I had really struggled in the past in formatting the word documents but NOT ANYMORE! 
“Bring it on!” 
Thoroughly enjoyed this unit!

CIV Student – Aug 19


Word Course

Good learning about various shortcut keys, table of contents, never though that headings could crate a table of contents, learned about navigation pane and how easily the structure of the document can be changed. Learned about page breaks and how each section can have it’s own header and footer and even the layout. Learned about Pilcrow how can this uncover any document setting was simply mind blowing! Learned about creating different page numbers in different section breaks. Also learned how to omit page numbers from cover page. 
This course has changed the way I will look at any word document now onwards!

CIV Student – Aug 19


Completed FNS40217 Aug 2019

Tarryn is a  wonderful trainer as she guided me when ever I needed more explanation on any aspect. She explains everything so well that anyone can understand.
Cheryl and other trainers were also amazing.
In Short, wiseclick training has made me a perfect bookkeeper giving me confidence that I can work anywhere.

Preeti – Classroom Student (Started 2018, completed 2019)


Completed FNS40217 July 2019

I am glad that I took the opportunity to complete Cert IV in Bookkeeping and Accounting course with WiseClick Training. Years ago, I felt satisfied when I completed Cert III with WiseClick so I decided to re-enrol, which turned out to be a great decision. Thanks so much to WiseClick Training for providing me with the learning opportunity to develop my bookkeeping and accounting knowledge and skills, and I am now excited to move onto the next stage of my career.

Mary Huang Classroom Student (2018, completed 2019)


Course – Getting Started with MYOB Accounting Software

i’ve enjoyed today and taking away a fair bit. Looking forward to accrual accounting next week

Clare Nolan (June 2019)


Certificate IV Student

Loving this course very easy to understand with little to no knowledge.

Anonymous May 19 Student (June 2019)


Certificate IV Student

Tarryn is an excellent trainer and is very knowledgeable.

Hayley Holmes (June 2019)


Certificate IV Student

Wiseclick staff are extremely helpful and easy to work with. 

Kylie Burling (June 2019)


I joined Wise click as it had a good reviews. I had great experience with Wise Click and with the trainers. Wise click is really good in providing the learning environment. If i had any confusions, they are ready to help at any time by phone or by mail. Tarryn, my trainer, is very friendly and i just love the way she explains everything. I never felt the course difficult. Now i have completed my Certificate IV in Bookkeeping and Accounting. Thank you so much Wise Click .

Grishma Shrestha (Jan 2019)


Today was my first day in my new part time job as a bookkeeper working for an investment company. The company uses Xero and my knowledge of this software that I gained at Wiseclick has already been of benefit to the company. I look forward to the next phase of my journey as a Bookkeeper. Thank you to all the staff at Wiseclick. Your teaching method and patience has been exceptional.

Kind regards
Agatha Banks

Agtha Banks (Dec 2018)


Tarryn has been a wonderful, professional and supportive lecture.

Melinda Pash (Dec 2018)


I have already recommended the course to friends, I have found it fabulous. The content has been exactly what I was hoping for and your training has been outstanding. Your patience with the students is phenomenal, particularly as our class was from very different backgrounds and therefore we all have very different skill sets.

The only ‘disagree’ comment I have from the survey was that sometimes the content of the manuals was out-dated, particularly website addresses and up to date tax rules. But I understand this information changes so quickly that once the book is published, it is probably out of date!

Thanks for all your help and I can’t wait to qualify soon. When I do qualify, I would like to be added to your job register please.

Tamara Manger (Jun 2018)


Hi Tarryn,

I just want to say a big thank you for organising the training session for me on Friday. It was so valuable and I would also like to say what a lovely, welcoming team you have at Wiseclick.

I’ll be back to get some training in the next few months on the NDIS within Calxa.

Thanks again and have a great day

Nicole Houtby – Calxa Training (May 2018)


I can honestly say that my knowledge and skills have excelled beyond word. The confidence and level of standards you bring to your company/customers after attending this course is so satisfying! All Staff involved in support, lecturing and guiding their students are extremely determined and devoted to ensure their students reach their full potential. I owe my career as accounts manager to WiseClick and will be forever grateful to all involved.

I would also like to give feedback on Tarryn Drage, she is exceptional and a massive asset to the training sector. Her level of lecturing is precise, knowledgeable and helpful in every way.

I myself ask many questions and Tarryn understands the importance of this information and is quick to answer queries without hesitation.

Please pass my gratitude onto Tarryn and make sure management review my feedback above.

Thank you
Crystal Beverley

Crystal Beverly – Cert IV Student (Apr 2018)


Deb was working in bookkeeping before starting the course.
Whilst having proficient experience and skills by learning on the job, she wanted to study to become a certified bookkeeper and receive the qualification. Deb didn’t want to study online, so after a referral from a colleague, she enrolled with WiseClick.

How Was Your Experience With WiseClick Deb?
The course was fantastic and I learnt a lot! I particularly enjoyed learning the cash and accrual accounting units as they put things into perspective and it all gelled with me from there. My Excel and Word skills have improved. My spreadsheets are a lot more professional and accurate.

Where Are You Now?
I’m still working as a bookkeeper. I’m doing lots of online courses while recuperating from an operation, and have completed the Pure Bookkeeping course which has tied it all together for me. It’s great to be fully qualified!

Interested in advancing your skillset, or progressing with your career like Deb? Join us at one of our free morning teas to find out what it takes to become a bookkeeper. Keep an eye on WiseClick’s Facebook page for upcoming events.

Deb Konz – Cert IV in Bookkeeping – Completed Nov 2016 (Sep 2017)


As the owner of a successful bookkeeping practice, I highly recommend Wiseclick Training. I am a Wiseclick graduate myself, having completed my course with them in 2009. When I need new bookkeeping staff I also turn to Wiseclick as I know their graduates have been well trained and will be competent bookkeepers.

As well as the Cert IV of bookkeeping, Wiseclick offer a broad range of courses in both software packages and Microsoft office packages.

Students will complete their courses with excellent well rounded skills. Their ongoing support is also second to none!

Evelyn Rosa – previous student and Bookkeeping Practice owner. (May 2017)


I would like to recommend Wiseclick Training to everyone keen to learn from great and knowledgeable trainers. I worked as bookkeeper for around 3 years and as i have overseas qualification i always felt gaps. I learned a lot. So, I am more confident now. Thank you Wiseclick especially thanks to Tarryn!

Bozica Stanojlovic (Feb 2017)


I found WiseClick/Carbon Balcatta thru numerous searches in the website for Organisation providing training courses in bookkeeping.

I moved to Perth 2012 and took on a job that’s is not related to what I have been doing for along time that is Accounting/Bookkeeping.

Employers wants at least 3 to 5 yrs local experience. I have found myself in quandary, I took on numerous short courses on Accounting/Bookkeeping softwares and found that Im still not satisfied with that and decided to take a bookkeeping course with the thought of as a refresher course for me as well. First day of class and I was impressed with WiseClick. If you can simplify the meaning of debits and credits to non accounting students and make them understand what it means in laymans term, I know I picked the right training organisation.

I was happy and very thankful with WiseClick trainers, I have learned a lot of things. They are very helpful and always look after their students. Especially I would like to thank Tarryn and Kerry for being ever so helpful to us students.

I would definitely recommend Wiseclick to my fellow migrants who are finding it difficult to transition or just bridge the gap of experience overseas.

Again thank you for all the help and especially I found my first bookkeeping job because of wiseclick.

Bev Alenjandre (Dec 2016)


Accounting Fundamentals and MYOB


Thank you so much. It was one of the best courses I have ever studied.

One more thing the course trainer Tarryn is “the best”

Thank You

Anurag from Almonte Diamond Pty Ltd (Dec 2016)

I’m happy to share that I started a new job in September.

At the moment I’m Oil and Gas Administrator with a large international engineering company in the field of Industrial Automation and Process Control involved in big projects with Chevron, Inpex etc. It’s been 4 weeks and it feels good to be back in the workforce. It has been a big challenge after having kids.

My Masters in Industrial Automation and engineering career played the big role in my selection, but Certificate IV in Bookkeeping gave me an advantage as other candidates were from the accounting background. So, thank you to all the team at WiseClick for opening the curtains of bookkeeping for me.

Elvira – CIV Bookkeeping graduate (Sep 2016)

I generally don’t enjoy doing computer courses because it means I have to sit down all day, and I already do far too much of that. But I was pleasantly surprised and learnt heaps about Calxa, a program that I had tried briefly a few years ago, enough I felt to be able to introduce it to one of my clients. Cheryl’s style of teaching is very relaxed and it was easy to ask questions – she didn’t make you feel stupid like some presenters I know, who seem to take delight in doing this. We followed the manual but left out the boring bits and the bits that everyone should really know, so the day went quickly. The day was also broken up into short chunks so those of us that hate being tied to a desk could cope.

Sandie – Bookkeeper, Perth. (Aug 2016)

From my initial contact with WiseClick at enquiry stage right through to the end of my course, the standard maintained by WiseClick were high and consistent along with flexibility and support.

Samir – Certificate IV in Bookkeeping graduate (Jun 2016)

One of the things that drew me to WiseClick was their professionalism, structured classroom training, and the fact they offered a Job Placement service. I started my certificate in July 2015 and loved every minute of it. Kerry and Cheryl are fabulous and always available to provide assistance. The Trainers knowledge is exemplary, and she is a brilliant trainer.

In February 2016 I completed my certificate and was actually very disappointed – because I wouldn’t be able to attend “school” each week! Luckily WiseClick has since included the Certificate IV in Accounting to their scope, meaning I head back to school in August.

Just prior to completing my certificate I joined the Job Placements Register offered by WiseClick. I am so glad I did because in no time Kerry rang asking if I wanted to be put forward for a Bookkeeping position SOR. I commenced working for a bookkeeping practice in March and am really enjoying myself, and learn more every day.

I would like to thank Kerry and Cheryl at WiseClick for their continued support and assistance, and especially for awarding me the ICB Outstanding Student Award 2016. I am truly honoured to have such high recognition of my efforts.

I look forward to seeing where the rest of my bookkeeping journey takes me, and I look forward to coming back in August!

Danica Clune – ICB Outstanding Student Award recipient (Jul 2016)

Just letting you know that the Xero course was excellent.

The Trainer is engaging, enthusiastic and able to impart her knowledge of Xero. I really enjoyed the training.

Eldred – Xero Essentials and Beyond day class (Jun 2016)

I found the Calxa in a Day very well presented by Cheryl. Working through the manual made it very easy to understand and I can easily refer back to the manual as I become familiar with Calxa. I would recommend anyone in business to seriously look at this fantastic add on. Already it has cut down my time with budgeting and gives me more accurate and live figures from MYOB. Regards Kevin

Kevin – Learn Calxa in a Day. Budgeting and Cash flow add on. (Jun 2016)

I found the class enjoyable, information was relevant to my business needs and I especially enjoyed Cheryl’s coaching/teaching style. Thank you, Paula

Paula – Owner of two Caltex Services Stations. Attended Calxa In a Day class. (Jun 2016)

Hi Kerry,

Thank you and the rest of the team at Wiseclick for the certificate yesterday, I really appreciate it and all of the help that I’ve been receiving over the months =) it’s such a nice atmosphere to come to every week.

I got to know Wiseclick through my employment in Admin, they were my to go people whenever I got stuck in MYOB or had any queries. As I learnt more on the job I wanted to know about the background processes, Cert IV bookkeeping gave me all that information (and more) with a qualification at the end. Wiseclick has been a great learning environment where the staff are approachable, attentive and informative, I can’t wait to see where this path takes me.

Brienne Becker – Merit Student, Certificate IV in Bookkeeping (May 2016)

I have just started my Cert IV in Bookkeeping at Wiseclick and am thoroughly enjoying it. The trainers are extremely knowledgeable and all the staff are happy and willing to help wherever they can.

I look forward to my time here and would recommend WiseClick to anyone thinking of a bookkeeping career.

Lisa – Certificate IV in Bookkeeping student – commenced Sept15. (Oct 2015)

I really enjoyed the classroom training and learnt a lot. Due to plenty of personal issues I needed to change assessment dates and then the completion date and I’d like to thank staff for their patience:) After a 3 month gap I was able to sit in on a few subjects again before completing the Cert IV. I really appreciate the flexibility of the course and the ongoing support after completion, as I now have the confidence to get on with my new business!!

Sue – Just completed CIV in Bookkeeping with Start Your Own Bookkeeping Business bonus option. (Oct 2015)


Dear Karen,

I would like to thank yourself and the staff at Wise Click for your assistance and management of my business.

I have found everyone to be very helpful, understanding, co-operative and an absolute pleasure.

I feel very confident having you all assist with the future of this business after some challenging years but I hope this will all be in the past sooner than later with your expert and professional guidance.

Enjoy your break, stay safe and best regards to you all.


The Performance Company – Bookkeeping client (Dec 2016)

I just wanted to say thanks to Natalie for a fantastic training session yesterday. It was extremely helpful and informative.

Jasmine – Certified Bookkeeper – 1:1 training with Natalie Serrao on EOY Xero processes. (Jun 2016)

Hi Cheryl,

I attended the SYOBB session today with yourself and would like to thank you for the informative session. This session highlights many insides to starting a bookkeeping business for an individual to consider before starting out.

Best Regards


Samir – Student attending Start your Own Bookkeeping 3 hr class with Cheryl Knight. (Oct 2015)

Thanks again to Phil & WiseClick for the great support today. I really appreciated Phil’s expertise in MYOB, jobs and inventory.

Nat (Jun 2015)

Dear Shauni, Kerry and all the teachers and staff.

Thank you so much for all your warm support and great training. I couldn’t complete the course without your professional help and encouragement you gave me all the time.

I really had a wonderful learning experience at WiseClick.

Huge thanks to all of you!!

Love from Naomi
Naomi (Jul 2015)

Hi Kerry,
Jenny rang last week and offered me a job twice a week. I start working today and still look for more job of course to add more experience which I badly need.
Thank you for your help. I very much appreciate it.

Yully – Certificate IV in Bookkeeping graduate 2015 – was listed on WiseClick job placement register (Jul 2015)

Hi Kerry,
I Would just like to say thank you so much for thinking of me for the part time bookkeeping position in South Perth.
It is working out very well.
Kind Regards,

Norah – Certificate IV Bookkeeping student completed in 2015. (Jul 2015)

Ainslie represented your company very well, worked hard and got us going today. Thanks.

Neil (Jun 2015)

I just wanted to say thank to my Trainer at WiseClick Training for all you have taught me. As crazy as it sounds I enjoyed the classes and the assessments :). Keep up the great work. PS – I liked the feedback you gave and learned a great deal from the assessments.

Cathy – Certificate IV in Bookkeeping graduate completed May 2015. (May 2015)

After leaving my workplace of 11 years I needed to obtain some formal qualifications before entering the workforce again. Bookkeeping had been a part of my job that I had very much enjoyed and I believed this would be a suitable career path for me to pursue in future years. I had heard good things about WiseClick Training and enrolled in their Certificate IV in Financial Services (Bookkeeping).

Each week I looked forward to the classes which were delivered by very knowledgeable trainers in small and friendly classes. I consolidated the knowledge I already had and became more confident each week as we covered content that hadn’t been relevant to the industry I had worked in.

WiseClick’s ‘One on One’ time offered to students helped me when I needed that little bit of extra assistance outside the classroom to obtain a full understanding of anything I was unsure of.

The administration staff was always welcoming, friendly and available to help out with answering any student queries.

Once I had successfully completed all the units required for the Certificate IV Bookkeeping qualification I placed my name on WiseClick’s ‘Jobs Register’ and am very excited to have secured a part-time position which is exactly what I was looking for.

I can’t thank Kerry, Cheryl and Shauni enough for their ongoing help and support in furthering my education and career in Bookkeeping.

Jenny – Cert IV in Bookkeeping graduate (Mar 2015)

The Trainer is an amazing training who definitely knows her stuff and is able to share/spread this information to students of all levels in such a friendly non intimidating way!

Nicole – Certificate IV in Bookkeeping – student after 5 weeks into course. (Feb 2015)

All good comments – a potentially mind-numbing day turned out to be interesting, very well presented, and therefore of benefit. My objectives for doing the course were easily achieved.

Nick – MYOB Basics in a Day (Feb 2015)

After my first assessment day I feel far less stressed about the whole process than I was before the first assessment day!

Nicole – Certificate IV in Bookkeeping – student after her first assessment day (Jan 2015)

Just let you know my updates – my husband has got his ABN last week and started a small contract work tentatively. I have created a MYOB datafile for him and already issued some invoices, and got a first payment from a client yesterday! I’m so impressed that my bookkeeping study helped us a lot to survive this unexpected situation. And training at your school was definitely a right choice because I have done lots of MYOB practice through homeworks and assessments. Thanks for your great training! Naomi

Naomi – Certificate IV in Bookkeeping student – nearly finished (Dec 2014)

I have been on remote Annual Support with WiseClick with Ainslie, my dedicated consultant just to assist me with my compliance and keeping my books up to date. Its been a pleasure working with Ainslie and I have learnt a great deal. Thank you!!!!

Charlene – Business owner – Consulting Annual Support (Nov 2014)

I would just like to say how impressed I was with Ainslie Simpson your Consultant last week for our Xero training. Ainslie has a natural training style, perfect consultation manner and is very customer focused. I am very glad we found her to assist us in our business.

David – Client for 1:1 Consult on Xero set up & training (Oct 2014)

All the materials and information needed for each unit and assessment are easy to reach. This course is very useful when I am dealing with my own business.

Meng – Certificate IV in Bookkeeping last day of classes (Oct 2014)

Hi Kerry,
We really appreciate your effort and time in rescheduling other clients and arranging support for us at such short notice. We can’t thank you enough. You are without doubt…..a legend!

Deb – Consulting Client with Ainslie Simpson (Jul 2014)

Hayley was very clear and helpful. She is a great teacher and very friendly. This course has been great and taught me what I need to know.

Kate – Introduction to Excel 2010 (Aug 2014)

To Cheryl, Thank you for your time and expertise  on Thursday. I’m sure you have given me a much better understanding of Xero.

Chris – 1:1 Consult for Xero training at WiseClick offices (Jul 2014)

I had been working as an Administrator at an aged care facility and in an effort to expand my career opportunities I wanted to get a qualification in accounts. I decided that a classroom forum would be better for me so I went to Wiseclick to study for a Certificate IV in Bookkeeping while I worked part time.
I found the administration staff and trainers very helpful and knowledgeable. The classroom environment made understanding the subjects so much easier, gave me the confidence to feel I understood and the trainers made my time in class really enjoyable. Even though I was also working part time it took me just 8 months to complete the qualification. I believe that was only possible due to the dedication and support of the Wiseclick team.
After qualifying I began looking for full time work and again Wiseclick were extremely helpful. They kindly passed on my CV to a company in Malaga who have now employed me. Thanks to Wiseclick I now have a great job with a lovely company.
I can with confidence highly recommend Wiseclick to anyone. They are professional, helpful and their training course definitely opened doors for me.
Thank you so much.

Estelle – Certificate IV in Bookkeeping (Jun 2014)

I came into class today with minimual knowledge of the program Excel. Rick explained everything very well. I feel way more confident using Excel after this lesson.

Jess Certificate IV student – Complex Spreadsheets (May 2014)

I enjoyed the course and it did give me the basic knowledge of MYOB. I have never used it before.

Yully – MYOB Basics in a Day (Apr 2014)

I have enjoyed my time as a student, you have been very flexible and accommodating. I tell people about your courses all the time!

Brooke – Cert IV in Bookkeeping student (Apr 2014)

Dear Kerry ,

I would like to thank WiseClick Training for helping me find a job.
My background is that I studied Accounts at university and worked as a Management Accountant for 4 years before having children. After my first child, I did not work for many years.
When my daughter started full time school, I decided it was time to re-enter the workforce. I really felt that I needed to do a course to help me regain confidence, to learn MYOB and to refresh on my book-keeping skills.
I enrolled in the Cert IV book keeping course, through WiseClick Training and completed it within 12 months. It was good to attend the training days, to meet other bookkeepers and have contact with the trainers, who were very helpful and understanding.
I then started my job searching, which was not easy, as I only wanted a part-time role, 2-3 days per week, school hours. I gave my CV to Kerry at WiseClick and thanks to her, I now have a wonderful book-keeping role, with the hours that I wanted.
Thanks so much to Kerry and the team at WiseClick Training.
Kind Regards

Shelley – Certificate IV in Bookkeeping (Apr 2014)

I would like to let you know how impressed I am with the skills, knowledge and professionalism of Ainslie Simpson, who worked with me at my workplace on 23rd December and 8th January. She helped me out immensely. I would highly recommend Ainslie and Wise Click to anyone who is needing assistance in MYOB. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Lisa – Consulting client (Jan 2014)

I hadn’t studied for over 10 years and was looking at upgrading my skills when I came across Wiseclick Training. From the first lesson to the last they were practical, hands on and more than accommodating, explaining in detail and vocabulary that you could understand. Lots of support both internal and external. I moved interstate half way through the course and found the distance was no barrier. They were so helpful and motivating throughout the whole course. I would highly recommend WiseClick Training to anyone that wants to start or improve there Bookkeeping skills.

Pam – Cert IV in Bookkeeping (Dec 2013)

I did my Cert IV in bookkeeping at Wiseclicks and I found all the staff there very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. They are very welcoming and help you do your best. I would thoroughly recommend Wiseclicks to anyone who was considering studying the Cert IV in Bookkeeping.

Tarsha – Certificate IV in Bookkeeping (Oct 2013)

I absolutely LOVED this session! Stacey is a fantastic teacher, really, really, really patient and vibrant easy to learn from. Even though the content was quite hard Stacey really tried hard to explain. She was absolutely fabulous – THANK YOU.

Michelle CIV Bookkeeping Introduction to Accounting Day 1 (Sep 2013)

Wendy made a very interesting day out of a difficult and dry area. At times it was a bit fast in delivery (or maybe I was a bit slow!) But overall a great day. Thank you.

Gillilan – Understanding Payroll legislation & the Fair Work Act – CIV unit. (Aug 2013)

Basics in a Day is a great start to learning and implementing MYOB in my business. Great venue, great trainer (Hayley). Thank you.

Marlene – MYOB Basics in a Day (Apr 2013)

I just wanted to thank all of the WiseClick Team for their great support in assisting me finding employment as a bookkeeper. I did start the Cert IV course last year in July and I chose the Premium Distant course which allows you to have five units ‘In House’ at Wiseclick’s Training Centre and completing the rest of the units via distant learning. When I initially looked for a suitable bookkeeping course I contemplated between Tafe and WiseClick. I am so grateful that I chose WiseClick, because a close friend of mine has completed this certificate with Tafe. I was proven over and over again that WiseClick’s support, course material and in house training were much more suitable than Tafe could have ever been. The Tafe course is much cheaper but the flexibility and support outweigh this extra cost by far. With two Units to finish I have already been able to gain suitable employment through WiseClick’s employment register and can only say that the owner Cheryl can be very proud of such an efficient business she has been able to establish and I can only speak in the highest regards of the services WiseClick has to offer.

Manuela – Certificate IV in Bookkeeping (Mar 2013)

Rick provided excellent delivery of MS Word 2010. I learnt so much more than I ever have from tediously ploughing through manuals.

Verona – Using a Computer to Produce Business Documents (Jan 2013)

Rick was very friendly and answered all our questions very patiently.
The course was great, renewed by knowledge on some areas and expanded it in others. A good all round course. Thanks.
Excellent course – Glad I came!

Feedback from Advanced Excel class for 7 staff members (Oct 2012)

I have enjoyed the course, expecially the MYOB based parts. Even though I was familiar with some of the topics, I learned lots of new things and shortcuts which I will use in my workplace.

Karen – Certificate IV in FS Bookkeeping (Oct 2012)

I found this short course extremely helpful in giving me a broader knowledger of MYOB outside my existing activities with it at work. I am confident that this course will help me a great deal at work. The only improvement I can suggest is sometimes the training manuals could jump between topics, making it harder to follow what is what. Other than that I found it really well presented and I knew what was expected of me at all times.

Meisha – Bookkeeping Fundamentals using MYOB (Sep 2012)

Mandy is a super tutor. Very articulate and no messing about giving everyone equal attention. I am very pleased with what I have learned. I do intend to enrol for future training.

Mairead – MYOB Basics in a Day (Sep 2012)

Excellent course covering all of the basics. Well presented and I will be recommending these courses to others.

Jill – MYOB Basics in a Day (Aug 2012)

Great intro – will probably re-sit when I start working with MYOB next month.

Carolyn – MYOB Basics in a Day (Aug 2012)

Very easy to understand and well explained. Thank you.

Jane – Introduction to Excel 2010 (Aug 2012)

Positive – I learned many useful tricks with regards to Word 2010 and it was a very friendly atmosphere. Thank you.

Doreen – Using a Computer to Produce Business Documents (Jul 2012)

Mandy was easy to understand. I feel for a basic beginner to MYOB I was easily lost. I found it difficult to follow at times and try to relate what applies to me and my work place.

Natasha – MYOB Basics in a Day (Jul 2012)

Really good day, OH&S can be a bit mundane but Mandy managed to keep me interested!

Xenia – Orientation Day and OHS class Cert IV Bookkeeping student (Jun 2012)

I thought it was a very thorough introduction to MYOB. Also thought Mandy’s knowledge and delivery was exceptional.

Stewart – MYOB Basics in a Day (Jun 2012)

Mandy is a great trainer with a wealth of knowledge, I will recommend this course to others and I am very happy with the out come! I will feel a lot more confident within my role! Very good.

Hayley – Introduction to Bookkeeping & Accounting – from a business (May 2012)

Fantastic! I couldn’t wait for the 2nd week to start.

Karen – Introduction to Accounting 2 days, part of CertIV course (May 2012)

The trainer Rick was very helpful, approachable and knowledgeable. I know I will be able to make great use of the lessons and tips learnt. Will make my job much quicker and easier.

Intermediate Excel 2010 – special class for business group – Christabel (Mar 2012)

The inclusion of the basic concepts of accounting have revolutionalised my whole understanding. Without simply accepting what goes on in the background. Debits and Credits scare or confuse me no more! Thanks Mandy, your a star.

Debie – Introduction to Accounting 2 days CIV Bookkeeping (Mar 2012)

Cheryl had excellent product knowledge. The course was easy to follow. Enjoyed it immensely. Absolutely excellent.

Joy – Intermediate MYOB with GST & BAS (Feb 2012)

This was worthwhile. I have learnt a lot of useful information that will help me in the set up of my business.

Wendy – Marketing Your Own Bookkeeping Business (Dec 2011)

Excellent trainer and training facilities. Programmes are well organised and I have enjoyed my experience with the Wise Click trainers.

Simone – Managing Your Payroll using MYOB (Nov 2011)

Great, I need more classes and I will come back to attend.

Shammy – Excel Ready Start 2007 (Nov 2011)

Fabulous class, should be able to finish the Cert III course now!

Tania – Intermediate MYOB with GST & BAS (Oct 2011)

I didn’t realize the different possibilities of applying excel to my business. Great course, lots to apply.

Paul – Excel Intermediate 2007 (Oct 2011)

Really happy I decided to do course. Thought I knew a lot but found there’s much more to learn to utilise Excel. Definitely be doing more training.

Hailey – Excel Intermediate 2007 (Oct 2011)

Great course, but for someone totally new in this field a little bit too fast. Got lost at times.

Anna – MYOB Basics in a Day (Oct 2011)

A lot to cover so feel like I have had a brain overload but I need to go back over it. Too much content for one day but that is to be expected.

Peter – MYOB Basics in a Day (Oct 2011)

Thank you, this course was very worthwhile and I even found it fun. Also well explained by the presenter.

Annie – MYOB Basics in a Day (Aug 2011)

A great beginning for a complete beginner – now to the practice!

Michelle – MYOB Basics in a Day (Jul 2011)

Just learned so much and looking forward to working through the manual. Excellent course!

Michelle – Intermediate MYOB with GST & BAS (Jul 2011)

Danni was an excellent presenter, very clear and thorough, enjoyed the day.

Emma – Managing Your Payroll with MYOB (Jul 2011)

Fantastic! Was able to answer questions for me that weren’t in the course exactly. Thanks 🙂

Jess – Advanced Word 2007 (Jun 2011)

Daniel was very patient with explaining directions, he really simplified the training & listended & answered all my questions.
Daniel was also full of interesting information, we just didn’t relate to the manual buts its good to have that as a reference as well.

Anne-Marie – Excel 2007 Introductory (Apr 2011)

To the Wise Click Team. Your tolerance, patience, assistance, knowledge and wisdom go a very long way – you make a huge difference in so many ways. Thanks

Gina – Certificate IV FS Bookkeeping (Mar 2011)

It was great, I learnt a lot that I wasn’t sure of and best of all when you asked questions the girls were very helpful and explained everything again. Thanks heaps Danni.

Karen – Bookkeeping Fundamentals – 4 day course (Mar 2011)

Enjoyed course, will be a great help with my work. Thank you!

Niamh – Intermediate MYOB with GST & BAS (Mar 2011)

The training course exceeded my expectations. I wish I had done it years ago, it would have saved me so much time in so many areas.

Liz – Word Intermediate 2007 (Feb 2011)

Thank you so much for your help and support throughout my stay. The self paced days are a great help. I’ve enjoyed my time and met some lovely people along the way. Thank you.

Narelle – Certificate IV in FS Bookkeeping (Feb 2011)

To all the Staff at Wise Click Training. Thank you for your support and perserverence during the last 12 months of my studies – very much appreciated all your help.

Lorraine – Cert IV FS Bookkeeping (Feb 2011)

Very good, I learnt lots and will use it. Will also be back to do Payroll with Wise Click.

Stephen – Getting Started with MYOB 2 day class (Jan 2011)

I thought the course was excellent, I don’t have a strong accounting background but everything was easy to follow. I felt I learnt a lot and the booklet we received plus learning programs we saved will be very helpful.

Stacey – MYOB Basics in a Day (Jan 2011)

I found this seminar to be very informative and will use this information to make changes in the new financial year.

Rita – Managing Your Payroll using MYOB (Dec 2010)

Originally I considered completing my Certificate IV in Financial Services (Bookkeeping) through through other government training centres. It was going to take 1 Semester (6 months) full-time. Then I discovered that I would also need to complete Certificate III first (another 6 months full-time). Also, the staff could not even tell me which days and times I would be committed to, I would have to wait until they sent the timetable. From my very first day at Wise Click Training, I knew that completing the Cert IV through any other provider would have been the biggest mistake ever! The Trainers and Staff at Wise Click have been in the industry for years and are so knowledgeable and experienced. The classes are small and the Trainers genuinely care about teaching us the best way to do things. I know I will be a much better bookkeeper than if I had completed my Cert IV through a government training institution – and I would have six more months to go as well! Thank you so much Wise Click, I have told this to a lot of people, I can’t recommend you highly enough!

Jacqui – Certificate IV Bookkeeping – Start Your Own Bookkeeping Business student (Nov 2010)

I appreciated the “inside” information given. The day was tailored to our individual needs. I received answers specific to setting up my Bookkeeping business. Thank you Cheryl.

Zoe – Marketing Your Own Bookkeeping Business (Nov 2010)

Danni our trainer has extensive knowledge in this area. Great day, everyone (atmosphere) very positive. Danni is very knowledgeable in her chosen field of MYOB.

Neva – MYOB Basics in a Day (Nov 2010)

I am very impressed with the whole training day – the facility, organisation, presentation and trainer were excellent. I would recommend this course to others for whom it is appropriate.

Sarah – MYOB Basics in a Day (Oct 2010)

Lyn was extremely helpful and always found another way to explain something if I didn’t understand it the first time. Wise Click was a very professional and friendly place to attend. Thank you.

Michelle – Getting Started with MYOB 2 day course (Aug 2010)

I use the perpetual inventory in an auto electrical business and this course has helped me identify areas for improvement and will produce more accurate reports.

Dawn – Making Inventory Count (Aug 2010)

Excellent – mind opening – learnt and found out heaps! Excellent all round, thirsty for more, more, more.

Angela – MYOB Basics in a Day – Business owner (Jul 2010)

Thank you for your patience in helping me understand MYOB. Numbers are not my thing and Danni explained it in a relevant and easy way.

Rebecca – MYOB Basics in a Day (Jul 2010)

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for the support structure that you help to provide to us fledgling bookkeepers. This is my 4th year as a bookkeeper and your training sessions and your network of contacts are a blessing to me. I always leave not only knowing more but wanting to know more … just love it! Thank you very much.

Rayleen – ICB Networking Seminar EOY Payment Summaries (Jun 2010)

I found Lyn to be an excellent trainer. Very easy to follow and willing to give additional help and advice. She has a ton of patience! Excellent course. Excellent trainer. Would be very happy to do additional courses with Wise Click.

Judy – MYOB Basics in a Day (Jun 2010)

Very enjoyable, very informative – well worth sitting in peak hour traffic for. Learnt lots of tips and shortcuts that are helpful with my bookkeeping services – clients shall benefit. Also reassuring to know that I am on the right track, hopefully!

Margaret – Certificate IV FS Bookkeeping (May 2010)

Just awesome! Thank you.

Martin – Certificate IV FS Bookkeeping (May 2010)

Very interesting, very helpful, the book is nice and easy.

Jerome – MYOB Basics in a Day (May 2010)

The course was fun to participate in. I enjoyed the course immensley.

Ronlea – Bookkeeping Fundamentals Using MYOB (May 2010)

Knowledgeable trainer, pleasant nature and very easy to understand. Daniel spoke in laymans language.

Enrica – Intermediate Excel (Apr 2010)

I found the resource manual fantastic.

Jacqui – Managing Your Payroll with MYOB (Apr 2010)

Class size was good as there was time for questions. Very glad I did this course as we are starting a company.

Johanna – Bookkeeping Fundamentals using MYOB (Apr 2010)

Danni provided many excellent comments and examples on the way to use MYOB effectively.

Jeff – Getting Started with MYOB (Apr 2010)

I thought the course was very good, comprehensive and thought provoking; the delivery, of course, excellent and enthusiastic.

It’s now down to me to turn intentions plus the message into something worthwhile – yes, very relevant.

Martin – Marketing Your Own Bookkeeping Business (Mar 2010)

A very educating course. Honestly, its very interesting. Enjoyable. You will feel accomplished and happy with the understanding. Love it!

Crystal – Bookkeeping Fundamentals using MYOB (Mar 2010)

Good course. Layout and structured. I like it and it was easy to follow from the guidebook.

Wah Lim – MYOB Basics in a Day (Mar 2010)

The trainer was a great presenter. I have really enjoyed the course. Staff were great. Learnt lots.

Natalie – Certificate IV Bookkeeping (Mar 2010)

Excellent course and trainer. This course is excellent, containing valuable and useful material.

Lee-Anne – Excel Intermediate 2007 (Feb 2010)

I enjoyed the seminar and found it very relevant. I have even started the process of choosing a business name so I can register it and get started as soon as I’ve finished my Cert IV. I found the section on budgeting (start up costs as well as running costs) very helpful and also the info on marketing (which I hate but realise is a necessary evil if I want to have any clients!).
The delivery of the information was done in a very relaxed style and Cheryl gave us all plenty of opportunities to talk about our own experiences so we were able to learn from each other as well as from Cheryl. I finished the class feeling quite capable and able to get ‘out there’ and start my own contract bookkeeping business.
There were only about 6 of us in the class which was great as well because there was time for all of us to have input in discussions if we wanted to.

Sally – Certificate IV FS Bookkeeping -Start Your Own Bookkeeping Business Course seminar (Feb 2010)

Very happy with what I learnt today. Would definitley be comfortable doing more courses through Wise Click. This training has been very valuable to our business.

Bronwyn, new business owner – Intermediate MYOB with GST & BAS (Dec 2009)

Very nice venue, very well presented, very good help all the way through. (New venue at Murdoch)

Jillian – Intermediate MYOB with GST & BAS (Dec 2009)

Very useful course, I enjoyed the time here, even though my brain was stretched. Especially on the first day!

Lindsey – Bookkeeping Fundamentals Using MYOB (Dec 2009)

Thanks to Wiseclick’s MYOB basics in a day course that I completed at home I now have enough knowledge to confidently use MYOB.
I would like to also add that the session I had one on one with Karen Paterniti was fantastic. Karen was such a help in explaining some information and tasks I was not so sure about.
Thanks again for your help!

Debra – Business Owner, MYOB Basics in a Day via Distance (Nov 2009)

They say if you can’t measure it you can’t manage it. Now that Brett Davies Lawyers is part of the ASX listed Integrated Legal Holdings (ASX:IAW) it is even more important to keep my hand on the financial pulse. My accountants use MYOB but I didn’t have the in-depth knowledge to test and challenge what they were presenting to me. I had limited time and I needed intense no nonsense training. Wise Click Training hit the spot. During the 2 day course all of the attendees shared real life MYOB issues and problems. All were solved and explained by our fantastic teacher.

Brett – Getting Started Course (Sep 2009)

I enjoyed my time learning with Wise Click, all of the trainers are lovely and easy to talk to. Throughout the course everything was explained very clearly and in depth. It was easy to understand. I am very happy with my progress here and I hope to see you in the future.

Stephanie – Certificate III FS Bookkeeping Trainee (Aug 2009)

My husband and I recently sold our business after 26 years and I had always handled all the bookkeeping so I was feeling at a bit of a loose end. As I have always enjoyed bookkeeping I started toying with the idea of doing so as a business. Because of legislation that is in the process of being introduced I started to look into gaining my Certificate IV Financial Services (Bookkeeping).

I did quite a bit of research into who was offering the course and how I would be best to complete my studies either by correspondence or in a classroom situation. After contacting Wise Click Training and getting all the information I went to their offices to have a look around. I immediately felt that this was the right place for me the staff were all very friendly and they were very efficient in providing me with all the information that I needed to make my decision.

I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the course and help was always at hand for any questions that I may have had. Cheryl was always just an email away.
I have successfully completed my qualification and am currently in the process of marketing my new bookkeeping business.

Bev – Certificate IV FS Bookkeeping (Jul 2009)

Really useful & relevant. Thank you so much!

Lisa Crocker, Swan Alliances, MYOB Basics in a Day Plus BAS (Aug 2008)

I found the staff very welcoming. The training was relaxed.

Serena Kavanagh, Ballymount Enterprises, MYOB Basics in a Day Plus BAS (Aug 2008)

I thoroughly enjoyed the course. The facilities were excellent & our training was done in a happy, enjoyable atmosphere which helps to understand the course.

Carole Newman, Brocken Pty Ltd, Bookkeeping Fundamentals & MYOB (Aug 2008)

I really enjoyed Karen’s class. I was dreading it but had a great time, very interesting & informative.

Jenna Madureira, Bookkeeping Fundamentals & MYOB (Aug 2008)

I went from using MYOB rote, to fully understanding what I was doing & what was happening in the business, in a fun, friendly environment!

C.Ingram, Hillarys Out Of School Care, Bookkeeping Fundamentals and MYOB Accounting (May 2007)

A smoothly run course with a very friendly approach by Stacey. Thankyou

M.O’Loghlen, Landmark Settlements, MYOB Basics In A Day Plus BAS course attendee (Apr 2007)

Architectural Design Cabinets has benefited from the training of MYOB from WiseClick Training. The moment I spoke to Dianne, I knew that this was the way to go. Having had no prior experience with Accounting v15, I welcomed the assistance. Stacey Rocca has offered first class advice and spoke to me in laymens terms. Easy to apply, easy to understand. Our business is starting to benefit from the training and our invoicing time is cut in half. Payroll is now made easy and I look forward to learning so much more. Thank you WiseClick! Here’s to the future…….

M.Martino, Architectural Design Cabinets (Feb 2007)


FNS40217 Certificate IV In Bookkeeping and Accounting

As an online student who did one unit in class, I felt you could really feel the difference in the learning curve – there is a lot more to be gained from being in the classroom, compared to trying to learn from home.  I was a little concerned that as an online student, any mistakes in the manuals may impact the learning of those less confident to ask questions and use multiple sources to clarify.  However, the trainers at Wiseclick clearly know their field and were always willing to go above and beyond to help their students – I am extremely appreciative of the time they spent with me over the phone/email, both during office hours and after hours as well.  Further, their training of the updated syllabus clearly shows they understand the way of the future of bookkeeping, and equipped me with confidence to forge forward both as a Business Manager, and a bookkeeper.

CIV Student Kellysan Powers-Martin – Completed OCT 19

EXCEL Course

Enjoyed the Excel Course and felt it will really help me going forward in my job. Looking forward to putting it into practice at work.

CIV Student Clare Nolan – SEPT 19


FNS40217 Certificate IV In Bookkeeping and Accounting

Best training facility i have ever studied at, i would highly recommend. This course was great! 

CIV Student Vicki Eindorf – Completed SEPT 19

EXCEL Course

This course teaches excel on everything I didn’t knew earlier. Absolute references was an eye opener kind of thing. First time in my life I was able to freeze panes. Never knew that work can be checked though various functions. Life will never be same with Excel again. I will now look at any excel sheet in a different way! Enjoyed this course. Sub-totaling was my favorite part!

CIV Student – Aug 19


Word Course

Word is not my favourite program, but I have learnt many new tips & tricks (even after using it for 20+ years.) Thanks for that, I appreciate it and am sure it will help me in the future.

CIV Student – Aug 19


Completed FNS40217 July 2019

Personally felt very informed and more aware on finishing the course, it filled lots of  gaps I was unaware I was missing.  My tutors and everyone on the course were very responsive and helpful regarding queries and has opened my mind to a whole new world of useful information to be had and how to apply them. 

Sui Abbott Online Student (2018 completed 2019)


Certificate IV Student

Truly inspired at how well you present Tarryn. Enjoying the course so far

Jemma Gill (June 2019)


Hello Tarryn

Just wanted to express my sincere gratitude at all the support and assistance I received while enrolled in Cert 4 in Bookkeeing and Cert 4 in Accounting.

From our first meeting you have always had confidence in my ability to successfully complete this double certificate. Being a self paced student was difficult and lead to a very slow start. Actually completing this course was something I was very unsure of as time went on, but to actually complete and successfully was a major result for me.

As you can appreciate despite our best efforts life, work, family, health can sometimes interfere and in my case all of the above was true.

I really can not thank both Cheryl and yourself enough for the time and effort you put into assist me to achieve this amazing result.

I truly wish I had had the confidence to have approached you both earlier in the course to discus the course content I was struggling with. When I finally did you organised for me to join in a few classes which were such a huge assistance in my ability to understand the core concepts.

Before this turns into a huge novel, the short version is Thankyou both for your assistance and for being available even over the weekend and long weekends and christmas holidays to respond to my many emails.

Warmest regards

Linda Tischhauser

Linda Tischhauser (Jan 2019)


Understanding the basic fundamentals of bookkeeping before entering into computerised packages has been very informative and challenging.

Leigh Wright (Dec 2018)


Hi Tarryn,

It was lovely to see you today and receive the Outstanding Student Award. It is such an honour and I wouldn’t have been able to complete the course without your constant support and guidance. I can’t thank you enough and the team at Wisecick for helping me achieve this!!

After working in administration and human resources for over 10 years I was looking for a change in direction. Returning to work after having my first child I felt needed to increase my Microsoft office and software skills. After looking into a few options I decided a Certificate IV in Bookkeeping and Accounting would be great for my professional development. After researching a few training organisations I choose Wiseclick for its flexibility and classroom style training and it was the best decision I ever made!!

The content of the course was exactly what I was looking for, it gave me a thorough understanding of accounting principles and transactions. I got to work with Xero and MYOB for the first time and it refreshed my word and excel skills. The classroom sessions were fantastic, very engaging and gave me a lot of confidence seeing I had little accounting experience when I started. Tarryn Drage is an amazing trainer who explained everything in a simple and methodical manner. The support she gave to her students was phenomenal, she is a true professional and an amazing asset to Wisecick.

I was pregnant with my second child during my Cert IV and with her support and guidance I was able to finish the Certificate IV in Bookkeeping before the birth of my child and the Certificate IV in Accounting 6 months after the birth of my child. I was able to achieve this thanks to Tarryn and the Wiseclick team’s continued support. I would highly recommend Wiseclick to anyone who is looking to further their career. They are a fantastic training organisation who provide flexibility and a high level of support to their students.

Looking forward to hearing from you and keeping you updated with my personal and professionl development!


Natalie Turner (Aug 2018)


Tarryn (Trainer) explains everything that she teaches in simple terms for those of us who haven’t had any experience in bookkeeping. She gives examples of what we’re being taught so we can visualise what she is saying. As she was a student here herself, she totally understands new students.

Julie Sokol – Cert IV Student (Feb 2018)


To Tarryn,
You are one of best teachers in this world. Where ever I may go in my life. I will always remember that I had an excellent guide in the form of a teacher, you! I have learnt so many things from you. Thank you for everything.

Bhakti – Certificate IV in Bookkeeping student (Aug 2017)


I have found the classes to be informative and explanatory. For anyone looking to do Bookkeeping I can honestly say I would advise them to contact WiseClick. I will miss coming to WiseClick. I found the classes very interactive and no question or conversation to be wasted as there was always another person in the class who had had a similar situation and could advise an outcome or just relate to what you were saying.

Thank you again Tarryn, you are a real asset to WiseClick, a wonderful human being and truly wish you all the success in the future.

Abigail Mitchell (May 2017)


Over two weeks one day a week this month I attended Wiseclick Training with Tarryn completing a Getting Started With Xero Accounting Software course. Previous to attending Wiseclick, I had completed a Xero course on-line by myself with another Xero course provider which I thought I was happy with until I attended Wiseclick.

As the course for Xero is completed with the Demo company, both courses should have been similar but were not. With small class numbers, Tarryn was a first class presenter in my opinion making time for everyone’s questions together with offering practical advice in getting around in the program.

I would like to say thank you to Tarryn and Wiseclick for making me much more comfortable and confident in the use of Xero, I learned such a lot.

Jan Reed (Apr 2017)


It was with some slight nervousness that I made my initial phone call to WiseClick. I was working in a job where I was unfulfilled and unchallenged. I knew that something had to change, but what and how?

I had previously worked in Accounts about 20 years ago and enjoyed working with numbers. However somewhere along the line my career diverted into more project admin roles and my skills in accounts dwindled.

After pouring over all the jobs currently on Seek, it became apparent that I would need to upskill to increase my chances of securing a new position. It didn’t take long searching through Google to come across Wiseclick Training Services and I swear I read every word on every page of the website. I was nervous about returning to study, but after reading testimonials from former students, I thought to myself “well if they can do it, then so can I!”
A quick chat with Kerry, a few exchanged emails and I was booked in. No turning back now! My first day I was filled with anticipation about how the class would go. However, the other students were Mums just like me and they were all nervous just like me! The trainers were fantastic at putting us at ease. By the end of the first session I knew I had absolutely made the right choice to attend the classes in person rather than just studying online.

The months whizzed past and our little Monday class became a highlight of my week. It was great to learn in a supportive environment, where no question was too stupid to be asked. I found that I loved studying and using my brain, which had really been sitting in neutral for some time.
I would highly recommend Wiseclick Training to anyone. All the staff have been friendly and helpful. Tarryn and the trainers have been very knowledgeable and made the classes functional but fun! The workload is achievable (I was working part time in the meanwhile) and I found the units enjoyable and interesting. It has been the best thing I have done and I am now looking forward to some exciting challenges ahead.

Kylie Bradley


Hi Kerry,

Thanks to you and all the team! I am very glad to have been given the opportunity to upgrade my old qualification and complete the 4 missing units. Even with the teething problems, I still found it a great course and the others in my bookkeeping business seemed to enjoy it too.

Zoe Kosky – Upgraded from previous qual to current Dual Qualification. (Nov 2016)


I have been looking in to a career change for some time, a brief introduction to Accounting many years ago planted a seed. I heard about WiseClick through an acquaintance, she spoke very highly of WiseClick. My decision to choose WiseClick over other training organisations partly due to the classes being held within school hours. As a Mum of school age kids it was important to me.

Tarryn was crucial in helping me with assessments; she was so patient with me, answering my plentiful questions. The one on one sessions with her are a major advantage of studying with WiseClick. Kerry helped me all the way through my study, she calmly helped me when for personal reasons I had to reschedule my assessments. Her encouragement to keep going has helped me complete my Certificate IV.

I’m looking forward to joining a networking group and getting some clients of my own.

Many thanks to everyone at WiseClick, I’m sure I will be back for further professional development.


Emma Norman – newly qualified Cert IV in Bookkeeping student (Aug 2016)


I took part in a training course yesterday and wanted to commend the Wiseclick staff on a great day. Having been a teacher for many years, I was really impressed with Angela’s delivery of the course content. Her explanations were clear and she moved through the information at a pace appropriate for the class. Her enthusiasm for the subject matter and encouragement towards those present were appreciated by all who took part.

Nicole – After Day 1 of Accounting Fundamentals. (Jul 2016)


Before I decided to study Certificate IV in Bookkeeping, I did some research on places that offer this course and decided to enroll with Wiseclick for this course although being one of the most expensive place. I am glad to have made the right choice. From my initial contact with Wiseclick at enquiry stage right through to the end of my course, the standard maintained by Wiseclick were high and consistent along with flexibility and support.

My initial contact at Wiseclick with Kerry the training coordinator/administration was very welcoming and all the trainers were very helpful and knowledgeable. One of the senior trainers is a fantastic trainer with a wealth of knowledge. Student admin support is also good and responsive. Cheryl Knight the owner of Wiseclick gives her mobile number for students to call her for after hours and weekend study support if required. I am not aware of many or any other institution at this level who would genuinely go to this length to support students.

I hope that I will continue to receive support from Wiseclick may it be for job placements or staring my own practice. I would recommend Wiseclick training centre for any prospective students.

Samir Bhatia

Samir Bhatia – Certificate IV in Bookkeeping – classroom (Jun 2016)

The Learn Calxa in a Day Training was practical, informative and really well presented. The training manual was well structured and easy to follow and will be a great resource as I implement the Calxa system in my organisation now. I am happy to recommend both the course and Cheryl’s skills as a trainer to all potential organisations looking to manage their cashflow and funding efficiently.

Graeme Mason, CEO of Accessability (Not for Profit organisation) (Jun 2016)

I really appreciated the understanding and support given during my (ups and downs with personal issues) and going back to study (very overwhelming), without that reckon I would have quit. I did try too a couple of times but

Tarryn thought that a stupid thing to do ….. so

A BIG thanks to Cheryl, Kerry and Tarryn for their support and encouragement whilst I completed my Certificate IV in Bookkeeping. Being a mature aged student I found it tough at times and ready to quit.

Friendly staff at WiseClick make it easy for one to attend and I can highly recommend the various courses which are presented in a very professional manner.

Alma – Certificate IV in Bookkeeping graduate (Jun 2016)

The training was very informative. I really enjoyed the hands on approach to using Xero online, how we were able to complete and do what we were being shown as it was explained.

Thank you very much for the opportunity to attend and I look forward to attending further training opportunities provided.

Alex from PCAWA – Xero Essentials and Beyond day class. (May 2016)

Despite having an accounting degree and MBA from UK, I realised there was a gap in my area of knowledge when it came to career progression in Australia. I enjoy working as an all-rounder accounts therefore, did not pursue professional development in CPA. Therefore, I started looking for options what qualifications will require to become a bookkeeper. I met Kerry the WiseClick Training course coordinator in September 2014 where she explained the whole context of the course alongside the extra hours which will be required by student; therefore I knew what was required before make a commitment.

I did not feel being ‘over qualified’ to be in this course by my colleagues neither by our trainer, in fact we all worked together very well.

The course was delivered in an outstanding manner. The set schedule helps students to remain focus on the units as the assessment day approaches to ensure they are on top of it regardless have a 12 months’ time period for completion. This is very essential as we all have commitments and to leave assessments and tests in the eleventh period could be very stressful and may incur extra costs if require extensions.

The class environment has been kept up to standard for student’s comfort (though, I always felt cold in the training room….hey that’s just me!)

I would personally highly recommend the Certificate IV in Bookkeeping course with Wise Click to refresh the accounting skills and Australian legislations.

Varsha – Certificate IV in Bookkeeping student – commenced Jan15 (Aug 2015)

Dear Natalie and the Wiseclick Team,

I just wanted to thank you for assisting us with the changeover to Xero.
Since switching over from MYOB, my life has become so much easier! Not only am I saving a great deal of time on entering and reconciling, but the process is much simpler. I was a little nervous at first, but the training you provided equipped me with the necessary information to be able to carry out daily tasks and reconcile with ease.

Natalie you have been amazing thus far and I really appreciate the time you spend each quarter checking our file and correcting any errors. You do a fabulous job, very thorough and great to deal with.

For anyone thinking of switching to Xero – don’t even think about it, just do it! You won’t regret it.

Thanks for all your help!

Claire from Mint Real Estate (Jul 2015)

The catering and cafe business I work for has expanded quickly and I needed help to track all the income and costs in the MYOB file. I booked a session with Phil McLeod, one of the MYOB consultants at WiseClick and not only was it good to catch up with everyone (I trained for my Certificate IV in Bookkeeping with WiseClick as well) but Phil was a great support and really assisted me. Thanks again.

Natalie (Jun 2015)

I started the course initially to start getting qualified to gain access to Xero partner programme and assist my son in small business.

I found the course very stimulating and enjoyed learning new skills.

It is a pleasure to work with a company that is both professional and the people have in-depth knowledge and experience.

Many thanks to you all.
Mike Williams (May 2015)

I am very happy with the education and professional services Ainslie and WiseClick have been providing me for roughly 1.5 years now. With one on one lessons in Xero bookkeeping initially and assistance quarterly with preparation of my BAS statements, I feel confident to keep up to date with my own bookkeeping and get that extra help when you need it to do the harder stuff! It is such a relief to now have all our essential business financial information at our fingertips and be totally informed so we can make up to date business decisions and really know exactly where we are going. I really love Xero, it is so much easier to use, and has really helped our business admin, bookkeeping and payroll. I would highly recommend WiseClick and Xero to any business owner!

Anita Seidler
Fenlon Formworks Pty Ltd

Anita – Business owner and regular consulting client (Mar 2015)

Over the past two years we have benefited from the experience and expertise of the Wiseclick team. Wiseclick have provided our school with both an Accountant and Bursar since 2012. The service and professionalism have been greatly appreciated as we have moved through a more challenging financial environment to a more positive and healthy fiscal outlook. Our on-site Bursar has been a great part of our team and we have enjoyed the extra-mile attitude in her service and willingness to be available well beyond the “chargeable” hours. Thank you, Wiseclick for your steady hand and ongoing insight in supporting our growing school community!

Paul Whitehead
Bold Park Community School

Paul – Bookkeeping and consulting client of 2 years with WiseClick Business Services (Feb 2015)

Cheryl helped me start myob for our business, Waltons Dingo Service, and I still use them every year to tidy things up! Fantastic Business.

Nicole Walton – Waltons Dingo Service (May 2015)

Would just like to let you know I was extremely impressed with Phil and very happy with the service and his knowledge of MYOB. Phil was able to come in assess the situation and sort out my files (which were in a mess). I would not hesitate to enlist his services again.

Leanne – Consulting Client for MYOB (Apr 2014)

I have just completed my Certificate IV in Bookkeeping with WiseClick Training and have to thank you for being such a great trainer, tutor, teacher. I enjoyed studying tho I found it hard sometimes. You always make the studying time in class less stressful with your fun and relaxed way of teaching. Thank you again, Yully.

Yully – Certificate IV in Bookkeeping (Dec 2014)

I have definitely come away from this course with a greater understanding and appreciation for Xero. Everything learnt today is something I can apply in my work environment.

Billie – Intermediate Xero (Nov 2014)

One of the best courses I have attended. In one day we have covered a lot but not too much to forget. Very logical and creative trainer. Well done!!!! Certainly for recommendation!

Milan – Excel Intermediate (Nov 2014)

The classes have been great and I loved coming into classes and learning new things. The staff are very helpful the whole time with Wiseclick.

Jess – Certificate IV in Bookkeeping student (Oct 2014)

Dear Kerry,
Thank you very much for recommending me and helping me to get the job within the bookkeeping industry. Thank you for your suport and advice you’ve given me during my job search. I greatly appreciate the assistance you have provided me. Wishing you and WiseClick all the best.

Aleksandra – Certificate IV in Bookkeeping completed (Oct 2014)

Thank you for your help with our recruitment. We have interviewed the student you recommended to us whom we found to be a really pleasant lady and offered her the job which she has accepted.
She seems to have the perfect profile which we were looking to attract and whereas does not have a lot of MYOB experience, this is something that can be gained by experience. Again thank you so much for your help, we never realized getting a suitable person would be so difficult. Regards, Catherine

Catherine – Client looking for a staff member for supermarket office (Sep 2014)

At times I felt a bit lost as I have never used MYOB to do the payroll. I need to go through the manual again to follow all the exercises and steps one by one. I like the Trainers training style, she is helpful and keeps the training session alive.

Maria – Managing your Payroll with MYOB (Jun 2014)

My family and I arrived from Qatar (Middle East) where we lived and worked for 12 years in November 2012. I soon realised that local businesses were looking for local experience and especially “MYOB” skilled bookkeepers. I decided to do a Cert IV in Bookkeeping. When I “shopped” around for the right training company I specifically looked for one that will be able to assit me with job placement. WiseClick was the only company that offered a job register. I did my CERT IV in the second half of 2013 and completed in 2014. I tried on my own to get a suitable position but was unsuccessful. I was so excited when I got an email from a company early June saying that they got my CV from WiseClick and whether I would be interested in a position. Well, I started last Monday the 9th June and I am so happy in my new job. It really is ideal. Moreover, I feel that the trainers at WiseClick really did a thorough job with our training.
Thank you WiseClick!

Charlien – Cert IV in Bookkeeping completed student (Jun 2014)

Hayley was very thorough and delivered the training very professionally! Thank you.

Veronique – MYOB Basics in a Day (Apr 2014)

I was very pleased with your service and will certainly recommend you. Phil’s knowledge of MYOB and what it can do far exceeded my expectations. Thank you Phil for your assistance – I will not hesitate to get back to you if/when need be.
Kind regards Sandy.

Sandy – Consult with Phil McLeod (Feb 2013)

Enjoyable course : adapted to the needs of the group and injected enough humour to more it more than bearable. Thanks Hayley!

Jan – MYOB Basics in a Day (Apr 2014)

Yesterday’s course on Excel was brilliant. The spreadsheets Rick showed us were rather complex, but he has a calm and easy approach to teaching it all to us. All questions which were asked by the students were answered straight away with confidence and he made sure every other person understood the answer. He really knows his stuff, which is wonderful and doesn’t teach from a book. He even took the time at the end to go through the assignment so all knew where to start. I would definitely recommend WiseClick for their Excel course.
Anyway WiseClick have done well with him!

Melanie – Cert IV Bookkeeping student – Intermediate Excel (Mar 2014)

All positive, small class, felt comfortable, great trainer. Thank you.

Ann – MYOB Basics in a Day (Mar 2014)

The Trainer is always very easy to understand and follow!

Val – Cert IV in Bookkeeping, Accrual accounting class (Jan 2014)

Really wonderful course, went from a nervous beginner to feeling as if I actually knew what MYOB did and how I could use it, the course was varied and all my questions were answered completely and in detail. Thank you Evelyn

Fayth – MYOB Basics in a Day (Dec 2013)

Con from Balcatta Reconditioners was so delighted with his new invoice templates on MYOB he threw away the paper invoice book and started raising invoices on MYOB. Saving his wife hours of data entry. He sent a big THANK YOU to Phil our MYOB Consultant and referred his mate down the road.

MYOB templates – great set up from Phil McLeod (Sep 2013)

Evelyn is very thorough and easy to understand. I love that she provides practical examples and tips for “real life” situations.

Kelli -Managing your Payroll with MYOB (Aug 2013)

To Cheryl, A sincere thank you for your compliments and kind words of support in class yesterday. I was humbled to be acknowledged in such a way and very grateful as the merit certificate will help in my future quest for bookkeeping work. The pen/certificate is such a lovely idea.
I see it as a privilege to have attended the Cert IV Bookkeeping classes at Wiseclick in a professional but relaxed, friendly atmosphere with lovely, mature-aged adults from a variety of backgrounds and to have benefited from your knowledge, advice and expertise in the industry. You are lucky to have fabulous staff at WiseClick – Kerry, Shauni and Wendy are all so helpful, pleasant and patient which is a definite ‘asset’ when it comes to working as educators. I look forward to learning more, attending WiseClick and ICB meetings and keeping in touch.

Best Regards,

Verona – Certificate IV Classroom Merit Student (May 2013)

Really great presenter (Evelyn), who was happy to explain and help when requiring assistance. Relates concepts to “real” situations.

Natalie – CASH MYOB class (Mar 2013)

Working for yourself is always a challenge and as the business grows you need to make sure that you are complying with laws and regulations current to your industry. I completed Cert IV Financial Services Bookkeeping through Wiseclick and found the team to be very supportive. Completing the course was hard work and at times very stressful but now that I am qualified I can see the difference it has made to me in better understanding our business needs. Mandy was fantastic giving guidance and advice when needed, and Cheryl was a great role model.

Leonie – Certificate IV in Bookkeeping – Business Owner (Nov 2012)

This was an excellent beginners course. Mandy was extremely good,easy to understand, patient and knows her stuff. On a separate note our business has used this training before and each time it has been great!

Alison – MYOB Basics in a Day (Oct 2012)

Mandy has been a fantastic trainer consistently throughout the course. I have enjoyed her classes.

Cathy – Cert IV in FS Bookkeeping (Oct 2012)

I enjoyed the clas and am considering returning to complete my Cert IV in financial services!

Jody – MYOB Basics in a Day (Sep 2012)

The way the course was presented managed to cover a lot of material without feeling like information overload and it was really clear and conscise. I really wish I had taken this class a few weeks ago!! Going to be a lot more confident in my work in the future.

Sarah – MYOB Basics in a Day (Sep 2012)

Embarking on a new career in middle age (teaching to bookkeeping) is not easy but WiseClick have assisted me in achieving that goal. Shauni and Kerry put out the welcome mat at the beginning. Kerry’s dedication to employment/placements for students and Mandy’s guidance and education have brought my time at WiseClick to a successful place – a new job and career.
I offer heartfelt thanks here to Mandy for without her ongoing support, dedication and sense of humour it would have seemed unachievable at times.
My recommendation to prospective students would be; if you want to try something new and succeed at it make sure you get the most supportive network to get you started!
Thanks so much to all WiseClick staff.

Denise – Completed Cert IV in FS Bookkeeping (Sep 2012)

I learnt a lot and it all made sense. Thanks!

Megan – Introduction to Excel 2010 (Aug 2012)

The system was very easy to navigate, the manual is simple and very use-able. The trainer was incredibly helpful, she always made sure everyone was at the same point and didn’t appear bothered at all by questions / requests for help. All in all a fantastic experience, Thank you!

Leisa – MYOB Basics in a Day (Jul 2012)

Thank you so much Stacey for all your help thus far. I can sleep easier knowing that my MYOB is up to date and current

N.Carney, E-Fficient Computer Services (May 2007)

Today was a very easy class, good lecturer and Rick was very easy to follow. I am actually looking forward to the Excel class with him now.

Martin – Using a Computer to Create Business Documents Cert IV student (Jun 2012)

Today was a very easy class, good lecturer and Rick was very easy to follow. I am actually looking forward to the Excel class with him now.

Martin – Using a Computer to Create Business Documents Cert IV student (Jun 2012)

I really enjoyed it. I will practise at home with the MYOB disc and book. It was nice and easy to follow the MYOB training.

Dhiran – MYOB Basics in a Day (May 2012)

Mandy was very thorough and approachable. Made you feel very comfortable to ask questions and go over things we didn’t understand.

Lynda – MYOB Basics in a Day (Apr 2012)

Mandy was very approachable and happy to help everyone / anyone who need the extra support. Biscuits were great!. Great environment, easy to learn in, manual is super effective and will be used as a bible from here on out. Thank you!

Jordan – MYOB Basics in a Day (Apr 2012)

MYOB was easy to understand, Mandy the trainer went into things you didn’t understand, one on one which was great.

Tayla – MYOB Basics in a Day (Mar 2012)

A good one day course which I would highly recommend.

Gerald – Intermediate MYOB with GST & BAS (Feb 2012)

Very helpful, I would have benefited from earlier courses but managed to mostly keep up with the play. Thank you very much.

Sally – Intermediate MYOB with GST & BAS (Feb 2012)

Great training day. Mel was easy to follow with her explanations and I felt that her presentation was clear, precise and speed was just right for me.

Wendy – Managing Your Payroll with MYOB (Nov 2011)

I found the course to be extremely informative but at the same time relaxed and not too intense. Danni is an expert in her field and was very helpful in giving a few hints and tips, as well as allowing us to “play around” with the new version. It is always different when you actually use the program so this gave us a chance to ask questions there and then. It was also a great opportunity to ask questions that related to our business as well as comparing ideas with other MYOB users from other companies.

Cecilia – Sneak Peak, Next Generation MYOB (Oct 2011)

Only decided last night to attend as date and location was convenient. Online booking system very efficient. I hope to come back for further courses if I can afford it.

Leanne – Excel Intermediate 2007 (Oct 2011)

Only decided last night to attend as date and location was convenient. Online booking system very efficient. I hope to come back for further courses if I can afford it.

Leanne – Excel Intermediate 2007 (Oct 2011)

Great intro course and trainer.

Simon – Sneak Peak, Next Generation MYOB (Oct 2011)

Good pace, easy to follow, even for a computer novice!

Heather – Excel Introduction (Sep 2011)

A big thank you to all the wonderful staff at Wise Click. This is a fabulous course and I appreciate all the support I have received.

Rachael – Cert IV Bookkeeping (Aug 2011)

It was a fantastic course. I really enjoyed it, learned a lot and look forward to putting it to use. The facilities were great and in a great location for SOR people.

Carrie – MYOB Basics in a Day – MELVILLE (Jul 2011)

Very good, just felt we (I) could have got through it a bit quicker which is quite standard in classroom situations with different levels of understanding – certainly not the trainers fault. Lisa was great and very easy to follow! Highly recommend to friends and colleagues.

Kym – MYOB Basics in a Day (Jul 2011)

Really enjoyed the training – found it very informative and answered a lot of my questions.

Louise – Intermediate MYOB with GST & BAS (Jul 2011)

Excellent. Have had some MYOB experience but this helped fill in some technical gaps.

Anonymous – MYOB Basics in a Day (Jun 2011)

I am glad I could make it and it has been a great help to my payroll knowledge.

Tess – Master Class MYOB Payroll (Jun 2011)

Danni is a very good teacher, trainer and communicated this subject very well. Thoroughly enjoyed the day.

Bruce – MYOB Basics in a Day (Apr 2011)

I found the course challenging and “stimulating”, found first day full on but once taking manuals away and having time to take it in it started to gell together. Loved it and look forward to my next session.

Julie – Introduction to Accounting – 2 days (Apr 2011)

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your amazing support over the past 18 months. I couldn’t have done it without everyone’s help.

Simone – Cert IV Financial Services Bookkeeping (Mar 2011)

Danni was a very thorough and concise trainer with fantastic knowledge of MYOB. Very well run course with great hand outs to take as reference.

Tenille – MYOB Basics in a Day (Mar 2011)

I had no idea what MYOB was! Now at least I have an understanding as the trainer made it seem easy with her enthusiastic approach. Though I know I had a taste getting my head around it and understand with some practice I may feel the ease that the trainer taught with. She was an excellent trainer with a positive attitude.

Amanda – MYOB Basics in a Day (Mar 2011)

To the staff at Wise Click. Thank you so much for all the help you have given me over the past year whilst studying for my Cert IV. It truly was appreciated!

Michelle – Cert IV FS Bookkeeping (Feb 2011)

This is a very complex topic, however Danni ensured the content was explained clearly and thoroughly. Repetition of information was conveyed in several different ways throughout the day which enables you to understand better. Well presented and highly knowledgeable of the industry.

Carolyn – Carry out BAS & IAS Tasks (Jan 2011)

I found the course very helpful and feel confident in my usage of MYOB after this course.

Daniel – Getting Started with MYOB 2 day class (Jan 2011)

Excellent trainer, great vocal, easy to understand and will definitly participate again in the future if there is any that interest me.

Jacky – Intermediate MYOB with GST & BAS (Nov 2010)

Thanks for being such a great bunch of professionals! Thanks for all your help and support and for always being so approachable!

Jacqui – Certificate IV Bookkeeping – Start Your Own Bookkeeping Business student. (Nov 2010)

Thank you, everyone, for your fantastic support whilst completing my Cert IV. The experience has been fantastic, from the greeting at reception, briliant classroom delivery, to phone and email support.
I felt the whole team was on my side, willing me on.
Thank you so much.

Nola – Certificate IV FS Bookkeeping (Sep 2010)

Great course, covered a lot of ground. Danni very well versed in MYOB and Accounting.

Jennifer – Intermediate MYOB with GST & BAS (Sep 2010)

The trainer was great! Would have liked more practical practise in class.

Taryn – Certificate IV Bookkeeping (Aug 2010)

The trainer was great! Would have liked more practical practise in class.

Taryn – Certificate IV Bookkeeping (Aug 2010)

This course answered all my questions for BAS/GST and I now feel more confident in understanding BAS preparation and lodgement for my potential clients.

Lindsey – Intermediate MYOB with GST & BAS (Aug 2010)

This is one of the best courses I have been to. Top trainer – well done Lyn.

Kerry – Intermediate MYOB with GST & BAS (Jul 2010)

Very good. Have been to courses where lowest common denominator was catered for. This was perfectly aimed so you were extended and reminded to read manual. No time wasted on Lowest Common Denominator student.

Tony – MYOB Basics in a Day (Jul 2010)

Thank you so much for the Certificate of Merit awarded to me yesterday. I was pleasantly surprised; thank you for the recognition.
I am thoroughly enjoying attending classes at Wise Click Training. The staff are very friendly and present the information well.
I am learning so much and it has given me renewed enthusiasm to achieve. Thank you for providing such a great training facility.

Sandra – Merit Award Student – Certificate III & IV Bookkeeping (Jul 2010)

Danni is very relaxed, personable, very open and down to earth trainer. Room was a bit hot at the end. Trainer was excellent – highly recommend Wise Click.

Di – MYOB Basics in a Day Melville (Jun 2010)

Dear Wiseclick, I once again want to thank you for being such an outstanding “teacher”! The knowledge that you have and shared with us is amazing! It was a pleasure attending your classes and I hope that I will be fortunate enough to attend more in the future.

Teresa – Certificate IV FS Bookkeeping (May 2010)

Very well put together. The insturctors knowledge was very high and she was very helpful. Great course. Was very enjoyable. I have learnt a lot about bookkeeping and MYOB. Days were long, lengthening the course would be better.

Penni – Bookkeeping Fundamentals Using MYOB (May 2010)

Daniel was very willing to assist students whenever asked. This was a very well presented course.

Gail – Intermediate Excel (Apr 2010)

Very useful introduction to MYOB. This covered a lot of information. Excellent trainer, Karen was very helpful and patient.

Dale – Bookkeeping Fundamentals Using MYOB (Apr 2010)

Excellent, very thorough course, easy to understand and well delivered. Kerry was excellent over the phone – thank you.

Claire – Bookkeeping Fundamentals using MYOB (Apr 2010)

Danni made learning MYOB very painless. I now feel I have a better understanding. I’m very grateful.

Amanda – Intermediate MYOB with GST & BAS (Apr 2010)

The course was very helpful and the trainer explained everything at an easy to learn pace.

Michelle – Intermediate MYOB with GST & BAS (Mar 2010)

Enjoyable course. Well written materials. Very happy with Danielle’s training.

Jay – MYOB Basics in a Day (Mar 2010)

As a newcomer to MYOB I found this most helpful. I am not leaving thinking I wouldn’t know where to start. Looking forward to learning more.

Kirstine – MYOB Basics in a Day (Mar 2010)

Stacey is always very friendly and professional. She was able to answer all of my MYOB questions easily.

Carter, Stephen Carter Electrical (Feb 2007)

I should have done this four years ago!

Eleen – Intermediate MYOB with GST day class (Feb 2010)

Daniel did a superb job in teaching us mere mortals with zero knowledge of Excel. He showed complete acceptance of all silly questions with respect. Thank you.

Jenny – Excel Intermediate 2007 (Feb 2010)

I picked up more that related to my business than I expected. Very good.

Helen – Advanced MYOB Processes (Feb 2010)

The trainer’s patience and the way she explained and broke down the information to make understanding clearer was greatly appreciated.

Penny – Certificate IV Bookkeeping completion (Jan 2010)

I loved my time here at Wise Click. Fab staff. Love the atmosphere. Manuals could be updated and made a little clearer and put in order the only small thing.

Therese – Certificate IV Bookkeeping completion (Jan 2010)

Candessa was an excellent trainer, very friendly and patient.

Tess – Getting Started witih MYOB 2 day course (Jan 2010)

This course increased my understanding of the “behind-the-scenes” of the MYOB database.

Tanya – Intermediate MYOB with GST & BAS (Dec 2009)

The course was very thoroughly presented. This was very extensive training with a good set up for training interaction – MYOB 18 excellent.

Dennis – Intermediate MYOB with GST & BAS (Nov 2009)

Course was easy to understand and well presented.

Milton – MYOB Basics in a Day plus BAS course (Oct 2009)

This was a good course, well presented, great manuals. Thank you.

Lisa – Intermediate MYOB with GST & BAS (Oct 2009)

Thank you for the course, learned a lot, gained insights and feel I have developed more.
Quite sad saying goodbye to the girls.
The trainers and Karen fantastic trainers,can’t praise highly enough, along with the rest of the staff at Wise Click.
No doubt I will be seeing you again at some stage in the near future.

Heather – Certificate IV FS Bookkeeping Course (Sep 2009)

The trainer is very knowledgable – I enjoy being trained by her – so easy to understand. It’s fantastic.

Sally – Certificate IV FS Bookkeeping (Aug 2009)

Eye opener came to mind, definitely out of my comfort zone was another thought; “if Wiseclick can get me over the line, then they MUST be good” was another.
Thank you Wiseclick for your patient and practical teachings – well worth the effort……..Marlene

Marlene – Certificate IV Bookkeeping (Jul 2009)

Just to let you know that I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with you over the past four and a bit months. It has been a great experience and I have learnt a vast amount in a relatively short period. The environment and the people made Monday a pleasure to wake up to. Always a smile and always a prompt email response when confused or lost.
Thank you for an enjoyable learning process and hopefully I will be ‘competent’ in the not too distant future.
Take care,Lynn

Lynn – Certificate IV Bookkeeping & SYOBB (Jul 2009)

I have increased my knowledge by doing this course in how to do my businesses books and accounts efficiently

Katrina Louise Tori, Exact Earthmoving, Bookkeeping Fundamentals & MYOB (Sep 2008)

Have found Karen to be a very articulate trainer, with lot of patience & a pleasant nature. Thanks you for a good course.

Maria Ann Shaw, Bookkeeping Fundamentals & MYOB (Sep 2008)

Would recommend to other accounts persons who is wanting to be a bookkeeper. Lecturers are easy to approach & helpful!

Mary Ann Bailey, Sureline Recruitment, Getting Started with MYOB (Aug 2008)

Instructor was great, expalined everything well!

Suzanne Hansberry, RMA Energy, MYOB Basics in a Day Plus BAS (Aug 2008)

Excellent course & good class size. Will use service again!

Andrew Blann, Breakspear Nominees, Bookkeeping Fundamentals & MYOB (Aug 2008)

Excellent course. Karen is friendly, funny & informal – I just wish I had her knowledge!!

Jennie Boerrigter, Jennis Bookkeeping Services, Bookkeeping Fundamentals & MYOB (Aug 2008)

I thought Karen had a great personality & great patience, it was a joy!

Maria Brescacin, Moore’s Maintenance, Bookkeeping Fundamentals & MYOB (Jul 2008)

Very professionally conducted in a positive atmosphere/environment, comfortable venue, sound approach to teaching principles and adequately catered (food)

Sergeant Rod Archibald, WA Police And Citizens Youth Club, MYOB Basics In A Day (Sep 2007)

This has been very helpful. It has made the penny drop – I would highly recommend the course!!

P.Balcastro, Bookkeeping Fundamentals and MYOB Accounting Software course attendee (Jun 2007)

I was nervous being mathematically challenged. However, the course & trainer were extremely good! I feel very educated

J.O’Neill, Airtemp Solutions, Bookkeeping Fundamentals and MYOB Accounting (May 2007)

A very big thank you for a great training session this morning. I have learned heaps and the company owner is very happy as you have shown us a way of running reports that will help us solve some of our problems. Hopefully we will be able to set up a company file from scratch and, any problems I have, you can sort out for me! Once again, a big Thank You.

C.Newman, Brocken Pty Ltd (May 2007)

One of the most informative courses for beginners and those more experienced – only made more enjoyable by Cheryl’s enthusiasm and willingness to help.

K.Hadley, Flexible Securiity, Bookkeeping Fundamentals and MYOB Accounting (Feb 2007)

Can you do me a HUGE favour and thank everyone at WiseClick for their training and understanding over the past few months. I really did enjoy the training and will make sure any new staff member knows the courses are available. MYOB has certainly been a huge help to our company. Once again Thanks, Kind regards Pete.

Townsend, Emanuel Exports Pty Ltd (Feb 2007)

I would like to thank Stacey for the help she kindly gave me last week. Her calm voice and instruction helped solve my problem. I am very new to MYOB and although it is a very simple program, I do struggle. Stacey never once made me feel foolish. Thank you for installing confidence within me again!

J.Leeming, Everbright Roofing Systems (Feb 2007)

I feel more confident and am able to do my job better, LESS STRESS for me!

Lee Sukha, Morley General Cleaning, Bookkeeping Fundamentals & MYOB (Nov 2007)

Stacey has the patience of a saint! She makes it all so easy. Wish we had found her years ago!!!

P.Blackmore, Home Inspirations Furniture (Jun 2007)

Friendly and helpful service, making learning fun and taught us how to keep our books, so that everything runs in an efficient and effective manner. Thanks, Kathleen.

K.Jackson, Landcare Holdings Pty Ltd (Feb 2007)

Cheryl was great to work with. She has definitely made it an easy transition to starting up a new accounting system.

R.Lyon, Allbend Engineering (Jun 2006)

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