Support options

Helping Students

WiseClick’s point of difference is our wide and far-reaching support options. If you feel you need more support then let us know IMMEDIATELY!

Here at WiseClick, we offer UNLIMITED phone and email support, Unlimited one on one trainer support sessions* and free repeat classes**. We even have a number for you to call on evenings and weekends when your studying at home. At Wiseclick you’re never alone on your training journey.

You can email your questions to our student admin email and we will respond, usually the same day.

You can call us with your questions during business hours on (08) 9207 1088. We also understand that some students work during the week and study on the weekends or at night, so for evenings and weekends, we provide an after-hours mobile number that you can text or call.

Feel free to call us (08) 9207 1088 to schedule a ½ hr 1:1 session* with a trainer to cover harder, more complex areas.

*1:1 sessions are free for classroom students or $75.00 per session for Online Students.

For Classroom Students – If you have already attended a class and find that you would like to cover the same content again to reinforce the concepts or revise you are welcome to book a FREE repeat of that class.

**For Online Students – If you feel you would benefit from having classroom training on any of your units of study, you can book in, and as an online student you will receive a 15% discount off the advertised class price on the WiseClick website.

Through the years we have had many students that get distracted at home when studying. We have a spare single computer room here for you, available trainers for questions are NOT guaranteed but tea and coffee, a quiet place with working equipment plus a friendly environment is.

For support or training enquiries call our friendly trainers on
(08) 9207 1088.