Rewarding Your Staff


This time of the year is a good time for me to write about employees and letting them know that they are appreciated by the business.

Many of us are busy with our Christmas Parties right now, but why do we have the tradition of an end of year Christmas party? For me, our end of year event is to let my staff know how valued they are. At my party I will be trying to spoil them and let them know that I value their work and am grateful to have them as part of my team.

If you have already organised a party for your staff, then please make sure that you take the time to make it crystal clear that your staff are valued. Of course, on the other side of the coin, if you are an employee attending a work party please make sure that you follow any party rules and make responsible decisions on the night. Xmas parties are costly, and the business owner is looking for his/her team to get along and to spend time growing their working relationships during the party so make that your aim.

Personally, I also like to reward my staff when I can, throughout the year.

Here are some great ways to reward staff during the year:

  1. If the staff member has done well then TELL them! Straight away or as soon as practically possible. Some examples of verbal reward are –
    1. “I really appreciate that you took control of that situation so well”
    2. “Thanks so much for staying back and getting that finished”
    3. “I have been looking at my figures and I can tell that your sales efforts have made an impact, keep up the good work!”
  2. Set achievable targets for your staff. Review them regularly and reward them when targets are met, with a bonus or prize or promotion.
  3. On occasion, at WiseClick, we do a “Bake In” and bring fun food to the lunchroom table so that we can eat as a team. Its currently Crayfish season at our local beachfront suburbs, so we laid out a table of crayfish, fresh bread, sauces and salads, YUM! My husband loves cooking and put on a six course in dinner at our office. The focus was on our staff and they enjoyed being waited on by the owners for a night. Who would say no to that! We are lucky enough to have a kitchen and oven in our office but not all have this option.
  4. Taking the team out for dinner works if you don’t have an adequate kitchen. (Note – Going out does bring up FBT issues and may not be claimable)
  5. Movie tickets for prizes or a loaded credit card are also great staff rewards
  6. Time off – Has a staff member gone over and above this week? Give them the option to finish early on the Friday and be paid a full day of work. Sitting at home relaxing and being paid for it can really resonate for your staff member as recognition.

The Staff Review Meeting

Everyone needs to know where they are headed in life. Keep this in mind with your staff, touch base with them regularly by booking a staff review meeting. During the meeting detail their job role, what they are good at and the areas they need to improve in. Let him / her know what they need to achieve at work to be promoted to that next level, make it clear and simple. Plan out targets with them for the next six to twelve months, achievable targets will keep them focused and happy until the next meeting date.

Staff personalities are all different, one personality type may equate a pay rise or money in the bank to value and recognition, whilst another may prefer an email or a title promotion.

A staggering 94% of satisfied employees have one thing in common. “ Employees who receive frequent positive recognition are more likely to be satisfied with their job” Driving employment engagement by Kelsie Davis

I hope that the ideas above inspire you in your staff dealings for the rest of this and into 2020.

I love having staff and see them as my second family, we spend enough time together and life would be very boring and lonely if we worked alone – don’t you agree!

Until next year,