Cloud Computing

What is "the Cloud"?

The cloud refers to a range of different technologies, but essentially it means an arrangement where your data and the software you use on a daily basis, are stored with a service provider rather than being stored locally on your own computer network. In this arrangement, you access your programs and data via an Internet connection. In many cases the only software you need to access a cloud

Did You Know?

These days most software that was traditionally kept ‘in-house’ can be accessed as a hosted cloud-based service. Cloud services include accounting and payroll systems, job costing systems, time billing systems, customer relationship managers and more.

cloud computing

Why Move to the Cloud?

Cloud computing can reduce your hardware costs, reduce your software costs and reduce your IT support bills. How? Because there is no need to purchase software up-front; no need to buy expensive servers to run the software and store your data; and no IT support bills to set it all up and keep it running! The cloud service provider takes care of all of this (and keeps your data safely backed-up), and you simply pay a small monthly fee. Cloud computing offers many other benefits. For example, with a cloud-based accounting system, you can access your data 24/7 using any device that can connect to the Internet. You can also integrate your online banking system directly into your accounts to save data entry. In addition, you can easily and safely share your accounting information with your accountant. This can reduce your accounting fees and it also ensures that your accountant can provide you with timely advice throughout the year.

Benefits at a Glance

Cloud computing brings many benefits over traditional software systems. The following list is a quick summary:

Our Cloud Integration Service

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