Business Processes – making life easier


Business Processes – what are they?

This can incorporate anything from a phone script for staff answering the phone right through to an add-on solution that automatically invoices all of your listed subscribers every month then direct debits the amount from their bank. Processes can also include Job Descriptions OR smart phone apps that let your staff enter their timesheet then send it to their supervisor for acceptance.

Business Processes are essential for many reasons:
• Streamlining bringing in new staff
• Avoids entering data into one system and then into another
• Reduces admin costs
• Reduces staff data entry errors
• Less reconciliations between systems
• Keeps your business up to date with technology
• Reduce IT Hardware Costs
• Makes the business look more professional
• Ensures the business owner can leave for lengthy periods of time and rest
• Ensures a smooth growth path for your business. Those nasty admin tasks and outdated paperwork will be gone!

Some of the most popular software systems that we are currently setting up for our clients:

The hot word – OCR. Optical Character Recognition!

Why enter supplier invoices or cash expenses when a software can do that for you and file them once they are entered? I’m all for electronic filing systems and reducing data entry time. Why wouldn’t you?? No more archive boxes, easy lookup online when you need an invoice copy and more time to spend with the family instead of entering data! There are quite a few options available for MYOB, Xero, and Quickbooks versions. Talk to us about the correct one for you.

Job Management / Job Budgeting.

You don’t need to hold the job list in your head anymore. A whiteboard in the office is great but who can see it when they are working onsite? You don’t need to be on the phone all day to your clients and staff either. Think about having a central location [in the cloud] where your allotted staff can see the current list of jobs, what stage the job is up to, what is left to do, who is in charge of the current task. You can see how you are travelling in relation to the labour budget. When a new job come in, you add it to the list and allocate staff, they are sent location and task details to their smart phones straight away. Your staff enter materials used and labour times via their smart phones. You can even get your staff to upload a picture of the completed task and get the client to sign off onsite. [Either phone or Ipad can be used, anything with a web browser]

I will share some more add-on solutions that are common for business accounts in my next blog. If you want to know more about this now just call us on 92071088. Don’t forget to share and like my blog to your friends and business colleagues – nice new links below.
Chat soon, Cheryl