Becoming a great bookkeeper – Zoe Kosky – Yoswan Enterprises

Becoming a great bookkeeper

A previous Wiseclick Student Zoe Kosky has kindly written her story for us. Have a read through as she gives some really great advice on becoming a Great Bookkeeper. Thank you Zoe and the Yoswan team!

Becoming a great bookkeeper – Zoe Kosky – Yoswan Enterprises

Becoming a great bookkeeper always starts with excellent training. So congratulations for choosing Wiseclick – they are the best in the business!

But excellent training is just the first step on your journey. Below I go through some tips to help you continue to grow and develop your career as bookkeepers and BAS Agents.


There are two main things you need to be a successful bookkeeper; Firstly, you need to learn from a quality, nationally recognised training provider – like Wiseclick.

Secondly, once you have graduated, you need ongoing support to continue to develop and refine your skills and provide you with guidance on your journey to become a brilliant bookkeeper.

I was incredibly fortunate early in my career to receive mentoring and support from some incredibly talented and experienced professionals – like Cheryl from Wiseclick. I credit this guidance and ongoing help, combined with my formal Wiseclick training, with making me the bookkeeper I am today.

And now that I have more than 15 years’ experience in the industry, I really enjoy the opportunity to provide this support to newer members of the profession.

Having run my own bookkeeping company for the past 10 years, servicing more than 100 businesses, I have come across almost every challenge or problem in the book.


As well as informal support, to be registered as a bookkeeper the Tax Practitioners Board requires you complete formal supervision.

Gaining this relevant experience requires you to work under the supervision of a tax or BAS agent registered under the Act. The current requirements are for 1400 hours of supervision, or 1000 hours if you are a member of a recognised association, such as the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers.

With all these hours on the agenda, picking the right industry professional to work under is integral to your growth as a bookkeeper.

Ensuring they are responsive, supportive, professional, and, most importantly, up-to-date with the latest rules and regulations is almost impossible without insider knowledge.

Get in touch if you want a point in the right direction for supervision. We can link you with a supervisor suited to your career goals and aspirations.


Many people are attracted to bookkeeping because they want to establish their own business. Personally, I love the flexibility and autonomy that comes with running my own practice.

The number one piece of advice I have for people looking to establish their own bookkeeping practice is to make sure you find the right staff.

The second piece of advice I give them is – if you want to hire the right staff, find people trained by Wiseclick!

When we are looking to employ new staff we go to Wiseclick first because we know they have been trained to do things the right way. The amazing grounding that Cheryl and her team provide makes it easy to supervise new staff.

The reputation precedes a Wiseclick trained bookkeeper. Accurate, neat data and unmatched reliability – they’ve really got their ducks in a row.

So far we have employed four Wiseclick trained bookkeepers who have all been superstars. We look forward to bringing on more.

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