Upskilling to Advance Career

How to Advance Your Career by Upskilling – WiseClick Tips

Did you know that only 100 years ago, agriculture was Australia’s largest employer? That was before farm mechanisation eg; automatic milking machines instead of hand milking a dairy herd daily and mass production took over.

Since then the advent of computers and the internet has dramatically changed the way office work is done. Bookkeepers used to manage paper books and ledgers, now a mobile app does the job in 1/3rd of the time.

In the last 18 years, the team at WiseClick have seen enormous changes in their staff skillset with a large shift from the basic data entry roles of the junior office person changing to a highly computer literate, skilled communicator and adaptable office manager taking on the role of two previous staff members.

The pressure is on to constantly upskill not only to keep your current role but to advance your career. Upskilling can help you in a number of ways – here’s how.

Upskilling For Your Current Role

Upskilling, while you work, creates a fabulous feedback loop. Your job will inform your study – and what you learn will enhance your ability to do your job. The key is to figure out what skills you need to be better in your current position. It’s a great idea to talk to your supervisor or managers to find out what skills they would be excited about you gaining. By consulting with the people you work for, you’re more likely to enjoy their support while you study – and far more likely to be given new responsibilities once you have qualified. Keep a track of your professional development and use that to prove your skills at wage or salary review time.

Upskilling For Promotion

If you’re looking at climbing vertically within your current company, upskilling is a great way to speed up your progression. Before you decide which course of study to undertake, take a good look at the roles that you aspire to. What skills do they require that you don’t have yet? Talk with your mentor – and if you don’t have one yet, find one! Ask them about barriers to advancement in your industry, and how upskilling might help you overcome those. And be open with your boss about your motivation: you’re making the effort to gain new skills that will benefit your company – you’re marking yourself out as a candidate for promotion.

Upskilling For Career Progression

It’s likely you’ll pursue a number of different careers in your life. One of the best ways to make a transition from one industry to another – or into a whole new career – is by upskilling. You may not have to ‘start again’ with your education. If you already have
Certificate III, IV or Degree in one field, look into moving to the next level by becoming a trainer, consultant or expert in a specialty area that you enjoy. Remember qualifications stay with you forever so save them securely and keep a list of all your short courses and webinars.

In many cases, your years of experience in the workforce can also count towards a new qualification. Seek the advice of someone – preferably a hirer – in the field you aspire to. What skills do they look for when hiring? How do they think this might change in the future?

If you’re smart about upskilling, you could emerge fresh out of training already ahead of the pack! WiseClick have a variety of courses on offer. Head over to our training page to see what we have on offer. Call our team on 9207 1088 and get started with advancing your career!

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