Job Placements

Job Placement for potential students

If you are thinking about joining our Certificate IV in Accounting and Bookkeeping course please enroll and take advantage of the in house recruitment support that we offer our students

Whether you are looking to do casual, part time or full time bookkeeping/accounts work at the end of your course we can assist you in obtaining that dream role.

Our Job Placement register is available to students as they progress through the course, good bookkeepers are in demand and we pride ourselves on the quality of our students. WiseClick Business Services (our bookkeeping division of the company) recruits their bookkeepers from the WiseClick Training students.

See what our previous students who have used the Job Placement Register have to say –

I found WiseClick thru numerous searches in the website for Organisation providing training courses in bookkeeping.

I moved to Perth 2012 and took on a job that’s is not related to what I have been doing for along time that is Accounting/Bookkeeping.

Employers want at least 3 to 5 yrs local experience. I have found myself in quandary, I took on numerous short courses on Accounting/Bookkeeping softwares and found that Im still not satisfied with that and decided to take a bookkeeping course with the thought of as a refresher course for me as well. First day of class and I was impressed with WiseClick. If you can simplify the meaning of debits and credits to non accounting students and make them understand what it means in laymans term, I know I picked the right training organisation.

I was happy and very thankful with WiseClick trainers, I have learned a lot of things. They are very helpful and always look after their students. Especially I would like to thank Tarryn and Kerry for being ever so helpful to us students.

I would definitely recommend Wiseclick to my fellow migrants who are finding it difficult to transition or just bridge the gap of experience overseas.

Again thank you for all the help and especially I found my first bookkeeping job because of WiseClick’s Job Placement Register.

Bev – Qualified Bookkeeper who has been placed with a business SOR via WiseClicks network of business contacts.

“The Certificate IV in FNS Bookkeeping has changed my life forever. It re-affirmed what I knew, taught me new skills and gave me the confidence to break out of the mould of the everyday “accounts officer”. I am now more relaxed, happy and working the hours that I want to. WiseClick invited me to join their team of bookkeepers when I completed my studies. I am now a Specialised Bookkeeper using my past and newly acquired knowledge.”

Margaret – Qualified Bookkeeper for WiseClick Business Services.

Please contact the Training Coordinator on 08 9207 1088 if you wish to enrol in our Certificate IV Accounting and Bookkeeping course or are looking for a qualified bookkeeper to assist you in your business.

Job Placements

We are very happy to respond to any enquiries from businesses looking for qualified bookkeepers and administrative staff.

Job Placement for Employers

WiseClick Training is very pleased to be able to promote our past and present Certificate IV students to you. Our students spend a considerable amount of time at WiseClick Training as they attend the classes and also when they are working on their assessments. This close contact enables us to really get to know them and we have a very good understanding of their capabilities and personalities.

With students entering the course with various backgrounds and experience we can recommend and match qualified bookkeeping students to you knowing that they are fully competent in all areas of accounting theory and MYOB practical experience.