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Balancing Study With Work

How to Balance Studying with a Full-time Job – WiseClick Tips

We include running a family with children a full-time job here at WiseClick!

Choosing to study while working full-time and/or caring for a young family is not an easy decision to make. There are so many considerations: do you have enough time, do you want to make the financial investment, is it going to get you to where you want to go? You need to be really clear on all of these before starting.

Once you’ve committed to studying, the next challenge is staying on track. Staying motivated. Staying focused.

Here are some tips that we see working well with our Certificate IV Bookkeeping and Accounting students and they are the ones we see completing well within the time allocated.

It really is about managing the workload without stress. These tips will work for anyone, anywhere, any course.


Balancing Part-Time Study With a Social Life

Everyone has a different approach to balancing their study with other commitments, but here are a few tips that we’d recommend to help keep you on track.

  • Allocate time in your diary for weekly study
  • Allow flexibility within the week, but don’t go past Sunday to avoid risking falling behind
  • Break down units – use highlighters to colour code
  • Don’t forget to schedule in some fun!


Don’t Leave Assessments to the Last Minute

There is nothing worse than pulling an all-nighter and then having to be your best self at work all day. It’s not fun and it’s not sustainable. Follow our tips above to create a balanced week and include regular blocks of study. Why?

  • You’ll produce a better result
  • Reduced stress levels
  • Optimum performance in your job


Different Ways of Studying

There is no right or wrong way to learn. Everybody is different, and it’s important to understand how you learn best. some people like to take a lot of notes, some listen intently, some like to read, and others learn visually. Try a few different methods of studying and discover what works best for you. WiseClick have open book assessments as we don’t expect you to remember every single word!


Work in your Chosen Industry

If you can, find a job in your chosen industry. It’s never too early to get a foot in the door, and you’ll find your colleagues will be a great support in your studies. It also means you’ll be living and breathing your course content, which is such a great way to learn. WiseClick Certificate IV students can be on the job placement register after you have completed seven units.


Stay Focused on your Goal

Make sure you have a clearly defined reason why you chose to study in the first place, and stay focused on that goal. Let your family and friends know about your study and goal. They can then say no to you and push you to study! We all get busy, especially juggling a job and family life with studying, but remember it was your choice. Take responsibility and own it!

The feeling of satisfaction when you complete will stay with you forever. Check our array of accounting and bookkeeping courses that we have on offer, or call our team of trainers on 08 9207 1088 for more information.